Roll of Honour


A number of the people on these pages paid the ultimate price when they lost their lives while fighting for their country.  The vast majority were not career soldiers, but were conscripted in times of war.  We remember here those who fell, and below them, some of those who fought and survived.

Boer War

James GILBOURNE  Shot at Boschbult, S.Africa.  31 Mar 1902

First World War

John JONES Torpedoed on H.M.S. Goliath 13 May 1915
William MUNDAY Killed at Gallipoli 7 Aug 1915
Stephen Richard BEVAN Killed at the battle of Loos. 26 Sep 1915
John SANTER Killed on the Somme 3 Jul 1916
Walter GILBOURNE Died at Southampton from wounds received in France.  16 Jul 1916.
Jesse REEVES Killed on the Somme 6 Aug 1916
Stanley REES Killed on the Somme. 22 Aug 1916
Albert GILBOURNE Killed on the Somme 23 Oct 1916
Sidney SANTER Killed in Mesopotamia 9 Feb 1917
Sydney GOULDER Killed in the Pas-de-Calais 18 April 1917
William SANTER Killed at Arras 28 April 1917
Cecil GILBOURNE Killed at Nieuport, Belgium 25 Jul 1917
Thomas Oliver MANN Killed near Ypres 31 Jul 1917
Roland GRIFFIN Killed near Ypres 18 Aug 1917
Frank E. ROBERTS Killed on the Somme. 4 Oct 1917
William Joseph CRUTCHLOW Killed on the Somme. 8 Oct 1917
George T. GOULDER Killed on the Somme. 20 Nov 1917
William Aubrey SANTER Killed on the Somme. 21 Mar 1918
Arthur John BLACKSHAW Killed on the Somme 27 May 1918
Edward SANTER Killed in France. 4 Aug 1918
William H. GOULDER Killed on The Somme 27 Aug 1918
Harry Charles SAUNTER Killed at Gouzeaucourt, France 27 Sep 1918
William John PARRY Killed at Lamain, Belgium 20 Oct 1918
Lewis Herbert REEVE Died at 62nd Casualty Clearing Station, Kortrijk, Belgium 18 Nov 1918
Gerald GILBOURNE Died of pneumonia at Clipstone Camp. 20 Nov 1918
George Horace POINTER H.M.S. Hermione. Died at Haslar R.N. Hospital, Gosport 22 Feb 1919
William T. GILBOURNE Drowned at Plymouth. 26 Jan 1920.

Second World War

Victor Raymond GOODE 145 Field Amb. Killed at Dunkirk ca 1 Jun 1940
Emlyn Owen BEVAN H.M.S. Ardent 8 Jun 1940
Davy W REED S.S. Baron Carnegie 11 Jun 1941
John James COLE S.S. Blairatholl 27 Nov 1942
Reginald William SANTER The Buffs. Died in Italy 8 Oct 1943
Dan GILBOURNE Torpedoed on H.M.S. Charybdis 23 Oct 1943
Kenneth David BEVAN RAFVR. Died at Chichester 9 Jun 1944

Many others  served during wars, some having very close shaves:

Boer War

Robert GILBOURNE, who lost three brothers in wars, and served himself in the Boer War before being declared medically unfit for further duty in 1903.

 First World War

Benjamin Howell BEVAN was wounded three times while serving and was awarded the Military Medal. He died in November 1926.

John Benjamin BEVAN was a private 6Bn South Wales Borderers  but was pensioned off with shell shock.

Lewis REEVE was actually reported dead in his local newspaper but this proved to be premature and he recovered.
Lewis's brothers John (Jack) and Jesse, and cousin William REEVE also served.  William spent some time as a PoW.

Percy GILBOURNE joined the Royal Engineers in 1914.

Second World War

Norman LEIVERS was hit by a bullet in WW2, but was saved when it hit his cigarette case.

Vince GILBOURNE lost a leg when he stepped on a mine in North Africa in WW2.

Roy GILBOURNE served in the Royal Navy in WWII, while his namesake served in the RAF.  The latter, an adopted son of Lyndon Gilbourne, was shot down over Burma and spent seven months in a Japanese PoW camp.

Thomas BEVAN and Nancy GILBOURNE met at RAF Cosford during the second war. Fortunately, both survived or I would not be here to write this. Some of their photographs and memorabilia from their service days are included here.

Clifford BEVAN was a minister of the church before becoming an R.A.F. chaplain in the war. He remained in the R.A.F. until 1962, rising to the rank of Group Captain.
He was one of the children of John Benjamin Bevan described in the following newspaper article from 1943:

"Five of his sons are serving with H.M. Forces, a daughter is working in a munitions factory, and a younger son, aged 15, is working with a firm on Government construction. There are few families, if any, in the county with such a fine record of service in the war effort. Two other children are still at school."


There were undoubtedly many others from these pages who also served in the World Wars, but we have no details.





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