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Bevan - Gilbourne Overview

David George
Thomas George
George Bevan Stephen Bevan
William Bevan Thomas Bevan
Martha Thomas Benjamin Thomas
Ann Bageridge
George Bageridge George Bageridge
Lucy Evans Evan Evans
Mary Thomas
James Thomas
Thomas Thomas John Thomas
Catherine Griffiths John Griffiths
Mary Jones Unknown -
Elizabeth Jones John Jones

Robert Gilbourne
Robert Gilbourne
Robert Gilborn/Gilman Samuel Gilborn
Martha Brown Samuel Brown
Sarah Wardle
Edmund Wardle Joseph Wardle
Sarah Mellows/Mellors James Mellows
Martha Reeve
Sampson Reeve
Thomas Reeve James Reeve
Elizabeth Limb  
Jemima Gregory
William Gregory  
Martha Parks Zachariah Parkes

This chart shows only my 'direct line' ancestors i.e. parents, grandparents....great great great grandparents, and gives a quick way to quickly reach their pages. There are over 4,500 names in our trees, and they can never all be represented on a small screen.  Click on 'Surnames' in the panel on the left to get a list of all names in the tree.

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