Norman Leivers

Birth: 25 Oct 1915, Prestwich, Manchester
Father: Thomas LEIVERS (1887 - ?)
Mother: Mabel Annie GILBOURNE (1889 - ?)
Spouse: Sarah Josephine Jones
Marriage: 4 March 1944
Death: 3 April 2006


The following item was published by the Eastwood and Kimberley Advertiser in October 1943:

Saved by Cigarette Case

Sgt. Norman Leivers (Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders, who lives in Manchester, is the son of Eastwood parents, his father, Mr. Thomas Leivers, now residing at the crossing, Underwood. For many years his parents resided in Millstead Cottages, Eastwood. Sgt. Leivers was wounded in Tunisia, receiving 7 wounds in all, in the face, body and legs, including a broken ankle. Along with his officer, he had visited a forward observation post on Long Stop Hill, and was retiring when the enemy opened up with trench mortar fire. Both were wounded, the officer most seriously. Although in a bad way himself, Leivers dragged his officer behind some rocks for cover until help reached them. On arrival at hospital, it was found that Leivers' pay-book had been pierced right through, also one side of his cigarette case, which was a heavy chromium one. These were in his left breast pocket, and there is no doubt that they saved his life. Sergt. Leivers is fortunate in that he has been transferred to a military hospital in Manchester near his home. We are pleased to state he is making a splendid recovery.

[The following week they printed a correction to his family details:

In our report last week, concerning sgt. Norman Leivers we inadvertently stated that his mother (nee Mabel Gilbourne) was deceased. The report should have read that Sgt. Leivers who resides at Manchester, is the son of Eastwood parents. His father, Mr. Thomas Leivers is the eldest son of Mr. Samuel Leivers (who now resides at Underwood Crossings) and the late Mrs. Leivers. For many years they resided in Millstead Cottages.]


GRO Birth Index: Prestwich 8d 499 Dec 1915  
GRO Marriage Index: Manchester Mar 1944 8d 283  


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