Updated August 2021.

Griffin - Tudor Overview

Angela Griffin Kenneth James
James Herbert

James Griffin
Annie Griffin
James Griffin
Laura Helen Mann
Thomas Mann
Henry Mann
Lucy Andrews
William Andrews
Alice Louise

William ?

Alice Maude

Albert Richmond Goode
Thomas Goode
Mary Jane Wale
Charles Wale
Rosemary Tudor
Philip Lester

George Tudor Thomas Tudor
George Tudor
Ann Richards
John Richards
Elizabeth Morris Edwin Morris
John Morris
Margaret Evans
Robert Evans
Eleanor Jane

Edward Santer
John Santer
John Santer
Jane Catt
Henry Catt
Eliza Ellen Major
William Major
Thomas Major
Ellen Mapplethorpe
William Mapplethorpe

 This chart shows only my 'direct line' ancestors i.e. parents, grandparents....great great great grandparents, and gives a quick way to quickly reach their pages. There are over 4,500 names in our trees, and they can never all be represented on a small screen.  Click on 'Surnames' in the panel on the left to get a list of all names in the tree.

DNA testing has been used identify a number of relatives, some of whom are not shown in my main tree. Charts have been made for descendants of:
Annie Griffin
Thomas Catt & Eleanor Brown
John Kimberley & Mary Hady
John Major & Ann Marris
Henry Mann & Ann Hencocks
William Map(p)lethorp(e) & Alice Hall
John Morris & Ann Jones
John Santer & Mary Cotton
John Tudor & Bridget Hodson
Charles Whale & Ann Bailey

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