Gilbourne in Yorkshire, London and Kent

Heads of Trees gathered in this group:
IdentifierSurnameForenamesGilbourne CountNotes
 8bGILBORNEThomas & Joone ?81st known child before 1566.
 8cGILBOURNEJohn & (1) Ann COKER (2) Anne CLARK7m. London 1570
 8dGILBOURNEThomas & Martha LEAKE9m. 1623, Southwark, London
 8eGILBURNEJohn & Joan ?61st child Uxbridge, Middx., 1597
 8fGILBORNEWilliam & Ann LAKINGES 14m. York, 1600
 8gGILBURNEMatthew & Ann HARKER10m.1677 York
 8hGILBURNEMoses & Lucy ROBINSON6m. Bolton Percy, Yorks., 1630
 8jGILBURNJohn & Dorothy LITTLE4m. Full Sutton, Yorks. 1721
 8kGILBURNERichard & Isabell WETWINE 10m. Haxby, Yorks, 1602. 8 children in Huntington.
 8lGILBURNEThomas & Elizabeth TAYLOR
Edward & (1)An TAYLOR (2) Ann NEWMAN
m. Drax, Yorks., 1636
m. Drax, Yorks, 1641 & 1649.

John Gilbourne, Skinner

Family tree

John Gilbourne's birth has not been traced, and his parents are yet to be determined. It has already been discussed in Tree 8 that he is known to link to Tree8, where the will of John Gilborne, Draper, refers to his "cosen John Gilbourne, skynner," but the exact relationship is unknown.
He married Anne Coker 29 January 1569/70 at St. Antholin, Budge Row, in London. Four children of the couple are known, all baptised at St. Augustine, Watling St., London: Alice, 9 January 1571/2 and buried at the same church 23 May 1579; Anne 24 May 1753; Philip, 2 May 1575; and Elizabeth, 29 November 1578. His wife's death has not been traced, but John remarried at the same church 5 April 1588 to Anne Powell. She was born Anne Clark, and had married Richard Powell 11 October 1581 at St. Gabriel, Fenchurch St. Richard died in 1587 and was buried at St. Gabriel 9 December. John and Ann had two children, Mary, baptised at St, Augustine 30 June 1594 and buried in the same church 31 March 1597; and William, baptised 27 July 1595. John Gilbourne died in 1610. His will mentions only his wife, Anne, and his children Elizabeth and William. It is possible that all the other children had died. Nothing is known of the family after John's death.