Gilbourne in Yorkshire, London and Kent

Heads of Trees gathered in this group:
IdentifierSurnameForenamesGilbourne CountNotes
 8bGILBORNEThomas & Joone ?81st known child before 1566.
 8cGILBOURNEJohn & (1) Ann COKER (2) Anne CLARK7m. London 1570
 8dGILBOURNEThomas & Martha LEAKE9m. 1623, Southwark, London
 8eGILBURNEJohn & Joan ?61st child Uxbridge, Middx., 1597
 8fGILBORNEWilliam & Ann LAKINGES 14m. York, 1600
 8gGILBURNEMatthew & Ann HARKER10m.1677 York
 8hGILBURNEMoses & Lucy ROBINSON6m. Bolton Percy, Yorks., 1630
 8jGILBURNJohn & Dorothy LITTLE4m. Full Sutton, Yorks. 1721
 8kGILBURNERichard & Isabell WETWINE 10m. Haxby, Yorks, 1602. 8 children in Huntington.
 8lGILBURNEThomas & Elizabeth TAYLOR
Edward & (1)An TAYLOR (2) Ann NEWMAN
m. Drax, Yorks., 1636
m. Drax, Yorks, 1641 & 1649.

Thomas Gilborne & Joone [Unknown]

Family tree The early life of Thomas has not been traced, but he was a clothworker and was made Free of The Clothworkers Company in 1547, following an apprenticeship to a John Petingar. He was elected to the Livery of the Clothworkers' Company in 1558, and became Fourth Warden ( there were four wardens who ranked immediately below the Master) on 8th November 1563. He became Third Warden on 24th July 1571 and First or Senior Warden on 6th August 1576. He was Master of the Company in the year 1580-1581. He died in 1587 and was buried at St Mary Bothaw 5 August, His wife was buried in the same church 18 June 1600. Thomas Gilborne (sometimes recorded as Gibborne), clothworker, was a joint lessee of the Fortune Playhouse, and in April 1624 gained a whole share in the theatre.
His parentage has not been established, but it seems likely that he was descended from the Gilbornes from Yorkshire, descrbed in Tree 8.
Three children have been identified from the St. Mary Bothaw parish records:Wyllfryd was baptised 11 January 1567/8; Ann was baptised 2 February 1568/9 but buried 21 February the same year; and Elizabeth was buried 4 December 1578, but no baptism has been found. Clothworkers' Company records however identify another, probably older, son, also named Thomas. He too was a clothworker, made Free of The Clothworkers Company by patrimony in 1587, and the record gives his father's name as Thomas. He would have been at least 21 to become Free, so would have been born before 1566. No further mention of him is made in the records of the Clothworkers Compny, after 1587. His marriage has not been traced, but six chidren were baptised at St. Mary Bothaw: Thomas 24 January 1591/2 (entered Merchant Taylor's School 1605/6); Ann, 18 April 1594, Marce (Mercy) 20 July 1595; Henry 2 September 1596; Mary 1 May 1598; and Cleophas (a son) 1 May 1598. Two copies of Thomas's will have survived in the National Archives. The first, dated 18 August 1627, is for Thomas Gilborne, Gent, of Chaldwell, Essex , while the second, dated 12 August 1627 - 6 days before the first will, - is for Thomas Gilborne of London, Clothworker. The wills are very similar and of his children only Mercy and Anne are mentioned. As his wife is not mentioned it is likely that she predeceased him. Probate of the first will was granted 28 September 1627 to Thomas's daughter Anne and her husband Richard Astley, as guardians of their daughters Margaret and Thomasin Astley, who were the named executors. The second will was not proved until 5 August 1642, and probate was granted to Thomasina Astley.
The child that was being carried by Anne Astley when her father's will was written was Anne, baptised 15 December 1627 at St. Mary the Virgin, Chadwell. A fourth daughter, Mary, was baptised in the same church 23 December 1628. Richard Astley was buried at Chadwell 19 May 1635. It is not known what became of Anne and her four daughters.

Mercy Gilborne married goldsmith Andrew Barton 30 December 1617 at St. Leonard's, Foster Lane, London. Her father's will mentions a bequest to their daughter Alice, but there is no mention of any other children, nor is anything left to Mercy.

The wills also contain bequests to two cousins, Mary Wood and "George Dennis that was brought up in Christs hospitall." Neither of these have been traced.

Nothing more is known of Wyllfryd Gilborne.