Gilbourne in Yorkshire, London and Kent

Heads of Trees gathered in this group:
IdentifierSurnameForenamesGilbourne CountNotes
 8bGILBORNEThomas & Joone ?81st known child before 1566.
 8cGILBOURNEJohn & (1) Ann COKER (2) Anne CLARK7m. London 1570
 8dGILBOURNEThomas & Martha LEAKE9m. 1623, Southwark, London
 8eGILBURNEJohn & Joan ?61st child Uxbridge, Middx., 1597
 8fGILBORNEWilliam & Ann LAKINGES 14m. York, 1600
 8gGILBURNEMatthew & Ann HARKER10m.1677 York
 8hGILBURNEMoses & Lucy ROBINSON6m. Bolton Percy, Yorks., 1630
 8jGILBURNJohn & Dorothy LITTLE4m. Full Sutton, Yorks. 1721
 8kGILBURNERichard & Isabell WETWINE 10m. Haxby, Yorks, 1602. 8 children in Huntington.
 8lGILBURNEThomas & Elizabeth TAYLOR
Edward & (1)An TAYLOR (2) Ann NEWMAN
m. Drax, Yorks., 1636
m. Drax, Yorks, 1641 & 1649.

Matthew Gillburn and Joannah [Unknown]

Family tree

This is the last of the three families assembled from the parish registers of Yorkshire. It too comprises a single family from the parish of St. Lawrence in the City of York. It is possible that the head of the family, Matthew Gillburn is related to the Matthew of Tree 8g who was based in the same parish, but any link is yet to be traced.
Matthew Gillburn's marriage to Joannah has not been traced, but three children ware baptised at St. Lawrence: Mary, 22 January 1718/99; Anne, 11 May 1721; and Roger, 14 April 1724. Roger was buried at St. Lawrence 22 February 1745/6, the register recording him as 'Roger, ye son of Joannah Jilbourn.' This implies that his father was already dead. 'Matthew Gillburn, pater familias,' was buried at St. Lawrence, 20 April 1724, just four days after Roger's baptism, so this is taken to be the Matthe who married ?????????
Mary Gillburn married William Moore 25 December 1741 at St. Lawrence, her sister married Francis Ayer 29 September 1747 in the same church.