Gilbourne Forenames

Although not normally considered a forename, a number of instances have been found. Usually this is a result of the name occuring as a surname in a maternal line, though there are some examples where the link, if it exists at all, is not known. This table summarises what is known.

Name Date Comment
Henry Robert Gilbourn KNIGHTON 1840- 1912 Tree 1.The son of Cornelius KNIGHTON and Frances Mitchell. The link to Gilborn is unknown, but Frances KNIGHTON is buried in the same grave as Robert Phillips GILBORN, who is himself an enigma. (See CanUHelp under Tree 1)
Mabel Gilbourne REEVE 1893-1985 Tree 1. Daughter of Robert GILBOURNE and Martha REEVE who married after Mabel's birth.
Leslie Gilbourne ORMSTON 1916-1969? Tree 1. Born Leslie ORMSTON, but adopted by James and Mary Ann GILBOURNE. His death was registered as Leslie Gilbourne ORMSTON
Alan Gilbourne ORMSTON 1945 - ? Tree 1. Son of the above Leslie ORMSTON.


Eliza Gilborn WILDERS 1837-1874 Tree 3. Daughter of Thomas WILDERS and Sarah GILBORN. Married Isaac TOONE in 1857, when her name was given as Eliza Gilborn WILDERS.


Thomas Henry Gilborn STAMPER 1840- 1980 Tree 4. Consulting Surveyor to the Government of Bombay, decorated with the award of Military Cross (M.C.) (and two bars). He was invested as a Companion, Order of the Indian Empire (C.I.E.) in 1938.
Henry William Gilborn STAMPER 1926-2003 Tree 4. Son of the above T.H.G. STAMPER and Edith GLADSTONE.


Gilbourne Cas(s)el TUCKER d. April 1967 Probably Tree 5. Died in Riversdale, Jamaica. A dispenser (pharmacist?) who qualified in Jamaica in 1923


Percy Gilborne GURD 1887- ? Tree 6. Son of William GURD and Maria Matilda GILBORNE. Possibly emigrated from Ireland to Canada 1923.
George Gilbourne HOYLE 1888-1888 Tree 6. Born Queensland, Australia to Thomas Forrester HOYLE and Annie Elizabeth GILBOURNE, who had been born in Co. Roscommon, Ireland.
Thomas Gilbourne HOYLE 1891-1966 Tree 6. Born Queensland, Australia to Thomas Forrester HOYLE and Annie Elizabeth GILBOURNE, who had been born in Co. Roscommon, Ireland.
Wilhelmina Gilbourne MAHAFFEY 1870- ? Tree 6. Daughter of James Barron MAHAFFY and Annie Elizabeth GILBORNE.
James Gilbourne MAHAFFEY 1880-1881 Tree 6. Probable son of James Barron MAHAFFY and Annie Elizabeth GILBORNE.
Charles Frederick Gilborne SIXSMITH 1861-1936 Tree 6. The son of Thomas William SIXSMITH and Louisa Elizabeth GILBORNE. Born in Ireland, died Barry, Glamorgan.
Eric Keir Gilborne SIXSMITH 1904-1986 Tree 6. The son of the above C.F.G. SIXSMITH and Rosemary Aileen GODDEN. Became Assistant Chief of Staff Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, 1957-61.
George Frederick Gilborne VANCE 1888-1936 Tree 6. Son of Richard VANCE and Wilhelmina GILBOURNE


Daniel Gilborne DEALE 1795- ? Tree 8. Son of Daniel Deale and Anne Gilborne. Of Faversham, Kent, though his Gilborne lineage goes to Yorkshire via Ireland.
Anthony Gilborne DEALE d. 1860 Almost certainly related to the above Daniel Gilborne DEALE.
Deaths Jun 1860: Deale Anthony Gilborn, Pancras 1b30
Gilbourn KINGKED or KINCAID ca 1702 - ? Tree 8. Son of John Kinked and Margaret GILBOURNE, christened St. Dunstan, Stepney, London, 12 November 1702. Gilbourn Kingcade was recommended for 526 acres in Edgcombe, N. Carolina in 1737.
Gilborne SCROOP ca 1680 Tree 8. A The son of St. Leger SCROOP and Elizabeth GILBOURNE, the granddaughter of Col Henry GILBOURNE, whose exact linkage to Tree 8 is not known.


William Gilborn BYERS 1791-1854 Tree 0. Son of William BYERS and Elizabeth GILBORN. Born in London, but christened in Devonport and became a newspaper proprietor in Fore Street, Stonehouse. Elizabeth's parents are unknown.
William Gilborn COOPER d.1873 Tree 0. Died in Plymouth, Devon, at the age of 70. Origin of Gilborn name is unknown, A lithographer - possibly connected with William Gilborn Byers, who was a printer in Devonport.


Herbert Gilborn W BROOKS b.1892 Born Newport, Monmouthshire, son of William and Emily BROOKS. Origin of the Gilborn name unknown, but this spelling in England is found in Tree 4, which is strongly linked to Stonehouse, Devon, or tree 3, mainly in Notts.
Mabel Gilbourne MARTIN b. 1893 Born in Ramsgate, Kent, England, the daughter of Herbert Augustus MARTIN, born Woodford, Essex, and Fanny nee PRITCHARD, born in Poplar, London (Middlesex). Married Peter J JACKART in 1916 and emigrated to Canada three years later. Died Calgary 1981. No Gilbourne link is known
Elizabeth Gilburn LINLEY b. 1854 Born Leeds, daughter of James and ? LIN(D)LEY. Married Thomas Stokes in Holbeck St. Barnabas, Leeds in 1873. Gilburn link unknown.
Samuel Gilburn ROYLANCE b. 1874 Born Oldham, but died there the following year, when the death was registered as Samuel Kilburn ROYLANCE. No ROYLANCE - GILBURN or KILBURN marriage is found in the GRO index.
Ethel Gilburn Allan 1888-1889 Born and died in Penrith, Cumberland. Gilburn link unknown.
James Gilborne LYONS d. 1868 U.S.A. Rev. Believed to have been born in Ireland. Emigrated to U.S.A. in 1844 and was rector at St. Mary's Church, Burlington N.J. before moving to Haverford Pa. where he ran a boys school. Published a number of poems, mainly on a Christian theme, Died in Haverford 2 Jan 1868

The next three entries were all relatively recent deaths, where the entries in the indexes give the exact date of birth. No corressponding birth entries have been found. Either immigration or a change of name, possibly as the result of adoption, are the most likely reasons.

Gilbourne James SMALL d. 1972 Died in Sheffield, Yorks. Birthdate 26 January 1919.
Gilbourne MITCHELL d. 1993 Died in Hackney, London. Birthdate 15 December 1922.
David Gilbourne MERCHANT d. 2003 Died Wandsworth, London. Birthdate 24 February 1946.