Gilbourne in Yorkshire, London and Kent

Heads of Trees gathered in this group:
IdentifierSurnameForenamesGilbourne CountNotes
 8bGILBORNEThomas & Joone ?81st known child before 1566.
 8cGILBOURNEJohn & (1) Ann COKER (2) Anne CLARK7m. London 1570
 8dGILBOURNEThomas & Martha LEAKE9m. 1623, Southwark, London
 8eGILBURNEJohn & Joan ?61st child Uxbridge, Middx., 1597
 8fGILBORNEWilliam & Ann LAKINGES 14m. York, 1600
 8gGILBURNEMatthew & Ann HARKER10m.1677 York
 8hGILBURNEMoses & Lucy ROBINSON6m. Bolton Percy, Yorks., 1630
 8jGILBURNJohn & Dorothy LITTLE4m. Full Sutton, Yorks. 1721
 8kGILBURNERichard & Isabell WETWINE 10m. Haxby, Yorks, 1602. 8 children in Huntington.
 8lGILBURNEThomas & Elizabeth TAYLOR
Edward & (1)An TAYLOR (2) Ann NEWMAN
m. Drax, Yorks., 1636
m. Drax, Yorks, 1641 & 1649.

The First Five Generations

This tree starts in Yorkshire, before moving to London, then Kent, and later to Ireland too. It is expected that trees 6 and 9 from Ireland will be linked to this tree, but the link cannot yet be proved.
*** Tree 8 is constructed largely from secondary and tertiary sources, some of which disagree with each other, and much is still to be verified.  as such, much of it should be regarded as provisional. ***

The older parts of the tree are largely that from the Visitation of Kent, 1619 (p.152). Although the first three generations are referred to as 'of Erswick' (the village of Earswick, four miles North of the city of York), no church records have been traced relating to their times there. The will of William Gilbarn [sic], dated 30 September 1557, refers to 'the towne of Huntington where I was borne' and includes a legacy to 'the poore people towne of Irswick half a myle beyond the said towne of Huntington.' . The Feet of Fines (what are these?) contain a record of William and Alice Gilbarne buying from Thamas & Margaret Carter and Richard & Agnes Carter "Manor of Armen [nowadays Airmyn] and 2 messuages with lands in the same and in Snayth [Snaith], and the moiety of free fishing in the waters of the Owse [Ouse] and Ayre [Aire] in Armen and Snayth." (Snaith is about 25 miles south of Earswick, and Airmyn a further 8 miles to the east. See map)
The will also verifies some of William's relations:

  1. my deerely and harty beloved wife Elizabeth Gilbarn.
  2. [evry?] childe that my brother Thomas Gilborn now hath.
  3. any childe that Lymbard the carrman hathe or ?w'in? th??? two years shalhave by my sister now his wife.
  4. any[evry?] childe that Nicolas Newton clotheworker now hathe or ...... two years shalhave by my sister now his wife.
  5. William Gilbarn my brother Wilfrides sonne.
  6. John Gilbarne my said brother's sonne.
  7. Hellen Gilbarne my said brothers daughter.
  8. ?any? childe that John Parke ?clothier? hathe, or ?w'in? two years shalhave by my wifes daughter now his wife
  9. Joyce Draner my brother Thomas Draner's daughter [actually his brother-in-law]
  10. Maudelyn Draner my brother Thomas Drayner's daughter ... Joane Drayner her sister.
  11. Steven Drayner my brother.Willm Drayners sonne
The absence of legacies to any children confirms the Visitation's note that he had none. However, it also refers to two sisters, unfortunately unnamed, who are not shown in the Visitation. Also not shown is Hellen, daughter of his his brother Wilfride (shown as Winifridus in the Visitation.) A second will, dated 20 March 1600, by William's half-brother, John Gilborne, who was also a draper, confirms he had a sister who married a Mr. Newton. It is not clear which of William's wives was her mother. Is this sister the Hellen mentioned in William's will? John Gilborne's family mentioned were:
  1. my wellbeloved wife Elizabeth Gilborne
  2. my sonne Nicholas Gilborne and to his sonne Daniell Gilborne.
  3. my brother Daniell Nicholas and Anne his daughter. [actually a brother-in-law.]
  4. Thomas Gilborne my brother's sonne
  5. my Cosen John Giborne, Skynner
  6. Elizabeth Newton my sister's daughter
Note there is no mention of a sister who married a Mr. Lymbard in this will - had she, and any children, died? ... was she a sister-in-law?
Who is the cousin 'John Gilbourne, skynner'? He died in 1610, probably not in London, His will, dated 16 May 1610, was written "myndinge to travell shortly into the Country and not knowing whether I shal retourne in saftie." Probate was granted to his wife, Anne, 8 August the same year, so it seems he may not have returmed safely.
Superficially, the details match those of John, the son of Winifridus Gilborne, who is stated in the Visitation to have ' died in Co, Devon where his offspring still live in 1621." However this John is the nephew of John Gilborne, draper, who consistently refres to his nephews or nieces as "my brother's son/daughter,". whereas John Gilbourne, skinner, is referred to as his cousin. It is unlikely that he would have referred to him as such if he was Winifridus' son.
The only relatives referred to in the will of John Gilborne. skinner, are a wife Anne and children William and Elizabeth. This is probably the John Gilbourne who married Ann Coker 29 January 1569/70 at St. Antholin, Budge Row, in the City of London. They baptised four children at St. Augustine, Watling Street in London: Alice 9 January 1571/2, Anne 24 May 1571, Phillip 2 May 1575 and Elizabeth 29 November 1578. Anne Gilbourne's death has not been traced, but it is likely that this was the John Gilbourne 'pelliparium' who married widow Anne Powell 5 April 1588 at St. Augustine church. She had been born Anne Clark, and married Richard Powell 17 October 1581 at St. Gabriel, Fenchurch Street, but Richard died December 1587 and was buried at St. Gabriel's. John and his second wife had two children baptised at St. Augustine: Mary on 30 June 1594, and William, 27 July 1595. Of John's six children, his will mentions only 2, Elizbeth and William. Two more are known to have died Alice in 1579 and Mary in 1587, but it is not known what became of Anne jr and Phillip.
[The burial register of St. Augustine's church contain one other Gilbourne, Amy, who was buried 27 October 1587. It is not known who this was, but the existing registers are transcripts of the original. Could it have been a mistake in transcription, or a mistake in the original, and this was Anne, either the wife or daughter of John?]

A fourth will, that of William Gilborne, the nephew of the William and John above, adds yet more names. He was also a draper and names the following:

  1. my sayd loving wife Elizabeth
  2. my said three sonnes Nicholas, John and Edward and my two daughters Mary and Martha
  3. my son Harfleete .... And to my daughter his wief. (Elizabeth)
  4. my brother John Gilbourne
  5. to my unckell John Gilborne
  6. my unckell Thomas Gilborne
  7. my Mother in Law Maistris Marston
  8. brother in law Maister William Marston
  9. my brothers Edward Hunt and ffranncis Hunt
  10. my sister Dale
  11. my sister Dewes? [Jewes?] her daughter
  12. John ?Dance? and Thomas ?Dance? my brothers
  13. my wife's brethren Vincent and Nicholas
  14. my wyves two sonnes George and John Utley
  15. my aunte Mrs. Barnam
This confirms the three daughters shown on the Visitation, but adds a third son, John. It also shows William's second wife, Elizabeth. His first wife, the former Alice Hunt, was buried in St Catherine Creechurch, London, 6 August 1759 and William married widow Elizabeth Utley 13 December the same year. His name was recorded in the parish register as William Jylboorne. Elizabeth was born Elizabeth Marston and had married Woollen draper George Utley about 1563. Thus 7, 8, 9, 14, are all relatives of William's wives. 10, 11 and 12 are still unidentified and are assumed to be in-laws rather than true siblings. William acknowledges only two children from Elizabeth's first marriage, but parish records show that George and Elizbeth Utley baptised 8 children at St. Benet Gracechurch, Sibill, 12 Oct 1564; Katherine, 3 Nov 1566; ffrances, 3 Oct 1568; George, 6 Sep 1570; John, 23 Nov 1572; Thomas, 2 Jan 1573/4; Stephen, 21 Jul 1577; and William, 5 Nov 1578. George Utley's will, dated July 1579, states that one third of his estate be divided equally amongst all his children, without specifying any names.
The additions to the tree from the Visitation have been highlighted on this revised tree
If the two John Gilbornes mention above are really cousins, then if they are first cousins they will have the same grandfather. This would leave us with this tree. Of the children of Wilfride Gilborne, descendants have been traced for only William Gilborne. The visitation records that his second son, John, died in Devon, but this has not been confirmed.

The 6th & 7th Generations

The Visitation shows five children of William and Alice:
Nicholas Gilborne of Charing in Kent and his wife Joanna, daughter of Thomas Fflud [sometines Flood]; Elizabeth Gilborne, wife of Thomas Harfleet; Edward, King's pensioner, of Shoreham and his wife [unnamed] Purefoy of Leicestershire; Maria, wife of William Withens of Eltham; and Martha, wife of Thomas Goldwell of Shelford, Cambridgeshire.
However as we saw above, William's will refers to his 3 sons, and three daughters, so John needs to be added to the Visitation tree. Sir William Betham in his Genealogical notes has the five children shown in the Visitation, plus a son Henry. No other evidence of Henry has been found - is this a mistake for John, or could there have been a fourth son?
Marriage licences and parish records of births marriages and burials, where they survive, become increasingly important in assigning dates to life events. We can now add to the tree:
Nicholas Gilborne married Jane (or Joane) Fludd 7 April 1583 at Bearsted, Kent;
Their last four children were all baptised at Charing, Kent - Katherine 20 August 1892; Agrippina 28 August 1593; Nicholas no baptism, but buried 29 May 1596; a second Nicholas baptised 3 July 1597 and buried 20 August 1597.
Joane Gilborne was buried at Charing 15 July 1616. Sir Nicholas Gilbourne, knighted at Whitehall 23 July 1603, was buried at Charing 4 January 1631/2.
Note these last two children are not shown on the Visitation tree.

Sir Edward Gilborne married Anne Purefoy 14 May 1604 at Hollingbourne, Kent. No children are shown in the Visitation, but nine are known: Mary was baptised 28 July 1607 at Hollingbourne, but the other 8 children were all baptised as Ss Peter & Paul church at Shoreham: Katherine, 10 Sept 1607; William 20 Dec 1609; Anne 28 January 1611/12; Alice, 12 January 1613/14; Margaret 21 Feb 1615/16; Percival, 27 November 1617; George, 7 November 1620 and Edward 2 May 1624.
Edward was buried at Shoreham in 1661. His wife was also buried at Shoreham, but the date is unknown. As Edward remarried at Shoreham 29 June 1636, she probably died about 1635 or 1636,

Mary Gilborne married Sir William Wythens 22 April 1594 at St. Mary at Hill in the City of London. Although no children are shown in their entry in the Gilborne entry of the Visitation of Kent 1619, their entry under Wythens shows a total of five boys (in order of birth): Robert, Thomas, William, Christopher and John, and six girls (in order of birth) : Mary, Frances, Alice, Elizabeth, Susanna and Jane.
William was buried at Eltham 2 December 1630, Mary was buried there 13 April 1632.

Martha Gilborne married John Goldwell or Gouldwell of Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire 5 May 1600 at St. John the Baptist Church, Eltham, Kent. Again no children are shown in the Gilborne Visitation of Kent, 1619 but 10 children are shown in the Gouldwell entry in the Visitation of Cambridgeshire. Further children were born after the Visitation, and a total of 17 appear in the baptism register of Great Shelford: Mary, 2 Feb 1600/01; John, 7 Dec 1601; Elizabeth (1) 29 Dec 1602; Thomas (1), 15 Apr 1604; Edward (1), 8 Jul 1605; Martha, 15 Oct 1606; Anne, 22 Nov 1607 (buried 10 May 1613?); Barbara, 28 Nov 1608; Katherine, 6 Jan 1609/10; Alice (1), 2 Feb 1610/11, buried 14 Aug 1611; Alice (2), 21 Mar 1612/13; William, 18 Aug 1614; Henry, 5 Dec 1615 (buried 20 Feb 1615/16?); Dyssabell, 20 Oct 1616; Edward (2), 14 Apr 1618; Elizabeth (2), 26 Jun 1619/20; and Thomas (2) 25 Mar 1627.
Martha was probably one of the two Marthas buried at Great Shelford, on either 25 November 1643 or 25 January 1651/2.

The tree also contains (at least) one more error. In the 7th generation Thomas Gilborne, the son of Nicholas Gilborne and Joanna Fludd, has a wife Elizabeth described as 'wife of William Muschamp of Barmor in County Northumberland.' A record of Thomas' marriage has yet to found, but William Muschamp married Elizabeth Gilborne in Charing 12 May 1611:

Elizabeth is Thomas' sister. After the death of Sir William Muschamp she married William Denton at St. Mary le Strand Church in London, 17 June 1635:

She was buried at St. Andrew, Holborn, 20 Apr 1638.

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