The Will of John Gilbourne, skinner, 1610

A transcription of National Archives document PROB 11/116/269.

In the name of God Amen The sixteenth
daie of May Anno Domini millesimo sexientesimo Decimo And in the eight yeare of
the raigne of our Sovereign Lord James by the grace of god kinge of England
ffrance and Ireland Defender of the ffaith ?etc? and of Scotland the three and forti-
eth I John Gilbourne citizen and Skinner of London being at this presente in
good and perfecte health and memorie praysed be god therefore yet myndinge to
travell shortly into the Country and not knowing whether I shal retourne in
saftie or not Doe therefore make and declare this my will and testament in mann’r
and forme ffollowinge that is to saie ffirst and pricipallie I humblie beseetch almightie
god my heavenlie ffather through the merrittes and passion of his Deare and onely
sonne Jesus Christe my onelie savior and redeemer that the holie ghoste the third?
parson in Trinitie woulde be my ????? and protector to the end and in the end Amen
Secondlie my mynde and will is that all such goodes chattelles plate Debtes money and
houshould stuffe as shall rightlie belong or appertaine unto me at the tyme of my decease
be divided into three equall partes and portions according to the laudable custome
of the Cittie of London whereof one equal third parte and portion I give and bequ-
eath to my wellbeloved wife Anne Gilbourne, another equal third parte and portion
I give and give and bequeath to my sonne and daughter William and Elizabeth Gilbourne equallie
to be divided amongst them and yf either of them happen to depart this mortall life
before his or theire said legacie shall fall due unto them then the parte and portion of
him or her soe deceased shalbe and remaine to thother of them surviving and yf the both die before
me then I give theire saide share and portion to my saide wife Anne Gilbourne and thother third parte
and portion I reserve to my selfe therewith to pay my debtes and funeral charges and
all the rest and residue of my saide third parte and portion I doe fully give and bequeathe
to my said wife Anne Gilbourne whom I make and ordaine by this presente to be my sole
executrix of this my laste will and testament and I doe by this presente revoke and ?dismiss?
all other and former willes and legacies heretofore by me made and given and that this shall stand
for my very laste will and testament and none other or otherwise In witness whereof I have
hereunto sett my hand and seale ?yeaven? the daie and yeare first above written. John Gilbourne
Sealed published and delivered the daie and yeare above saide on the presence of
John Harry of London, scrivener and of me Anthoney Barker, apprentize to the said scrivener.

Probatum …. octavo die mense Augusti Anno Domini millesimo sexientesimo Decimo ???? Anne Gilbourne …

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