including Gillborn, Gilborn, Gilborne, Gilbourn, Gilburn etc

While many, perhaps most, of the names found to date have been assembled into family trees, there are still a number that remain unattached, either simply because records have not yet been researched, or original records have been lost, or even in some cases because information has been wrongly recorded - either by accident or a deliberate attempt by someone to hide their tracks. These twigs may be a single person, or a short tree, or, in one or two cases, trees containing some tens of people. They are arranged here in order of the likely tree to which they belong.

Twigs from Tree 1

Twigs from Tree 2

Twigs from Tree 3

Twigs from Tree 4

Twigs from Tree 5

Twigs from Tree 6

Twigs from Tree 7

Twigs from Tree 8

Twigs from Tree 9

Unassigned Twigs

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