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This site was first set up in 1998 and this is its seventh major revision. Previous versions were prepared using the ‘web-publishing mode’ of successive version of Serif PagePlus - which I use extensively for book production.
New on this web-site, fully revised in
March 2009
Having fully converted to digital photography, most of the colour slide presentations previously listed on the site have been removed, replaced by new digital PowerPoint presentations.
All material copyright - see copyright notice
There is, however, a page devoted to my former slide shows, while pictures in my galleries mostly derive from old slides. Many of my favourite digital pictures have appeared in, and continue to be added to, ePhotozine galleries.
And while the blog of my June 2006 visit to Callanish is still available, I have removed the page giving the details of the best times to see the low southern moon in 2006 and 2007. Such will not be needed again till 2024-2026 !
The two pages of my wife’s sugarcraft work (at one time, the most visited pages on my site!) have been removed at her request, as Liz now only makes celebration cakes for family and friends.
As well as the plan of the Callanish Stones which has appeared before, there is now a special printable version, useful for anyone planning a visit.
I now use the much more versatile Serif WebPlus X2 , resulting in a more efficient navigation bar; and the ability to use anchors on long pages for better site navigation. Every page has been, at least, tidied up (and most have had Google ads added).
A  brochure, listing my current  presentations, is now available to download and, if you wish, print out from a pdf file.
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