Callanish (Calanais)
Isle of Lewis, Scotland
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Gerald Ponting
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Gerald Ponting and Margaret Ponting
A5, 56 pages, 72 illustrations, preface by Magnus Magnusson
 A full account of all aspects of the ‘Stonehenge of the Hebrides’, as our knowledge stood in 1984.
Callanish book cover
CALLANISH - AND OTHER MEGALITHIC SITES OF THE OUTER HEBRIDES by Gerald Ponting, published by Wooden Books, 2002, revised 2007,          A6, vi+56 pages, 60 illustrations, ISBN 1 904263 08 9, £4.99

A concise text covers many aspects of the ‘Stonehenge of the Hebrides’, illustrated by beautifully reproduced copies of many antiquarian engravings and other line drawings.

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Callanish and Other Megalithic Sites of the Outer Hebrides
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The druids. No one knows who they were, or what they were doing. For example, they built this stone circle on the isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. Or did they? Are the stones actually petrified pagan giants? Or were they where a Gaelic ­speaking cow appeared to dispense milk during a famine? Or are they really an astronomical observatory?   Ponting's charming book is largely a history of the discovery and gradual excavation of the megaliths of Callanish, often known as the Stonehenge of the north, and he is well qualified to write it, having unearthed the missing 49th stone himself. The site attracted many esteemed visitors in the latter half of the 19th century, many of whose lovely pencil drawings are reproduced here. My favourite shows the stones as giant men with pitchforks, attended by two horned imps. It is entitled ‘Callernish, As Seen Under the Influence of Spirits’.
“Stonehenge is justifiably world-famous, but far to the north in the Outer Hebrides stands a monument just as worthy of attention.”
This is the opening line of the informative and enlightening book by Gerald Ponting, titled Callanish & other Megalithic Sites of the Outer Hebrides.
The small book, packed with facts, figures and theories, is a fantastic introduction to the mysterious stones, briefly touching on a large number of related topics, from legends and theories to science and astronomy. In his publication, Gerald Ponting also considers the phases of construction of the stones and refers to theories mentioned by early writers on Callanish.
The history and facts behind the groundbreaking rediscovery of stone 33A are enough to make this recent publication a worthwhile read. However, when coupled with legends of a magic cow and the first cuckoo of Spring and theories about why, when and how the stone circles were built, the book undoubtedly becomes the essential basic guide to the site.          ……………………...
‘Callanish & Other Megalithic Sites of the Outer Hebrides’ is a small concise book, illustrated with beautiful reproductions of many antiquarian engravings, drawings and plans. Published last year by Wooden Books Ltd, this book is a steal at only £4.99.
‘... the essential basic guide to the site...’
Publications on Callanish from the 1980s
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New Light on the Stones of Callanish
Stones Around Callanish
by Gerald Ponting and Margaret Ponting A4, 44 pages, 100  photographs and drawings
A visitor’s guide and archaeological reference, concerning all the ‘lesser sites’ around the Callanish area.
Callanish and Other Hebridean Sites
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