Callanish (Calanais)
Isle of Lewis, Scotland
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Gerald Ponting
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Callanish Photography
Callanish circle
Callanish in snow
Callanish sunset
Sun halo
View of Loch Roag
'New Light...' cover
Stones around Callanish cover
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Callanish Wooden Book cover
Callanish and Other Hebridean Sites
All photographs taken between 1975 and 1984.
Sun halo with ‘sun-dogs’ seen left, right and above the sun - which is behind the central pillar. Sun halos are natural atmospheric phenomena caused when light is refracted by tiny ice crystals in the upper atmosphere.
Midsummer sunrise through the circle.
Early morning after a snowfall which blasted snow onto the megaliths.
Callanish, straddling the ridge above the waters of East Loch Roag.
BELOW : the circle and the tall central stone.
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Callanish photography
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