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Gerald Ponting  -
writer, publisher, photographer, lecturer,  
based in central southern England
Gerald Ponting
As a keen photographer, I use many of my images in presentations to a range of societies, including Travel Clubs, Gardening Associations, Natural History Societies, Women’s Institutes, Camera Clubs, etc. Most of these organisations are in Hampshire, but I also regularly travel to the adjacent counties of Wiltshire, Dorset and West Sussex.
I have been using slide projectors for these shows since my earliest efforts back in 1965. However, I converted to digital photography in 2006 and most of my presentations are now  projected digitally. Such technology produces high quality images on screen (not to be confused with ‘business presentations’). Many of my shows include musical interludes.
by Gerald Ponting
For each month of the year, I include changes in the countryside - wild flowers, butterflies, fungi, autumn colours, frost -  as well as regular and traditional events.
SCENES FROM A HAMPSHIRE CHILDHOOD           This presentation is evocative of country life in the 1940s and 1950s and has proved popular with many audiences. (Based on my book of the same title.)
Return to the Big Apple.
 Spring Flowers of the Peloponnese.
Spring Flowers of the Peloponnese
A Sicilian Summer.
Captain Corelli's Island (Kefalonia).
New England in the Fall.
Presentations on Foreign Travels
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James Coventry – Gentleman Photographer.
James Coventry - Gentleman Photographer
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Callanish, the Moon and the Sleeping Beauty.
A View of Edwardian Fordingbridge.
Visions of the Stones.
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Presentations on Foreign Travels
Shakespeare’s Fantastic Garlands.
Shakespeare's Fantastic Garlands
Springtime in Northern Cyprus.
Presentations on Foreign Travels
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