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English weights and measures: Miscellaneous facts.

A gold bar weighs 400 Troy ounces - that's just about 2 stone.

Kings and Queens of England etc.
This is a list of the people (etc.) in whom's name laws relating to weights and measures were enacted. This is why (for example) the Commonwealth is shown from 1649, and why the EU takes over in 1972. The wars of the roses cloud the issue around 1470, and after the throne was usurped by 'Henry VII' it's all a bit of a nonsense anyway! Since 1972 the EU has supremacy for legislation in the UK.
871- 899Alfred the great
899- 924Edward the elder
924- 939 Aethelstan
939- 946 Eadmund
946- 955 Eadred
955- 959 Eadwig
959- 975 Eadgar
975- 978 Edward the martyr
978-1016 Aethelred II (The unready)
1016Edmund Ironside
1016-1035 Cnut (Canute)
1035-1040 Harold I
1040-1042 Harthacnut
1042-1066 Edward the confessor
1066 Harold II
1066-1087 William I
1087-1100 William II (Rufus)
1100-1135 Henry I
1135-1154 Stephen
1154-1189 Henry II
1189-1199 Richard I (lionheart)
1199-1216 John (lackland)
1216-1272 Henry III
1272-1307 Edward I
1307-1327 Edward II
1327-1377 Edward III
1377-1399 Richard II
1399-1413Henry IV
1413-1422Henry V
1422-1471Henry VI
1461-1483Edward IV
1483Edward V
1483-1485Richard III
1485-1509Henry VII
1509-1547Henry VIII
1547-1553Edward VI
1553-1558Mary I
1558-1603Elizabeth I
1603-1625James I
1625-1649Charles I
1660-1685Charles II
1685-1688James II
1689-1702William III (and Mary II to 1694)
1714-1727George I
1727-1760George II
1760-1820George III
1820-1830George IV
1830-1837William IV
1901-1910Edward VII
1910-1936George V
1936Edward VIII (not crowned)
1936-1952George VI
1952-1972Elizabeth II
1972-(European Union)

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