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IMPERIAL STANDARD: Soon to be published book about English Weights & Measures.

Many people have asked me to recommend a good general book about 'Imperial Weights & Measures'.

There are many books about the subject, of varying content and quality, but it is difficult to recommend one for the general reader.

Some have suggested that I write such a book, so I have!

The book is called "Imperial Standard", and is due to be published in Jan or Feb 2015, following several disappointing encounters with potential publishers.

Failing any last-minute revisions required by the publishers it will be about 120 pages, crammed full of the things you'll find on this site, with much more besides. I've no firm information about the price just yet, but it will be quite reasonable (probably cheaper than printing out all of this website, and with better spelling too).

Check this page in Jan 2015 to find out publishing details.

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