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Edit history: Changes to this site.

This page was first put live in December 1997. The major changes have been in four areas:
  1. Adding to, and correcting the data to make this site "the definitive internet resource for information on Imperial weights and measures"
  2. Changes to the colour scheme and navigation methods. Over the years we've had some very lurid colours - back in 1997 when everything was so new every page had a different background colour and texture. We've seen <BLINK> come and go, had 'Frames etc.
  3. Ongoing additions and changes to the 'names on weights' pages. The very first of these was a simple list of the 50 or so names that were in my collection at that time - I now have over 170 different 'named' weights in my collection.
  4. Adding more pictures - mainly of weights, but also of other measures etc.

Recent edits:
  01 Dec 2014: Changed the navigation to make it tablet-friendly.
  05 May 2010: Changed the navigation to the top of the page, and added a site map.
  09 Apr 2009: Added wanted page.
  25 Jan 2009: Add some more pictures to the gallery.
  01 Feb 2008: Add some more pictures to the gallery.
  05 May 2007: Changed the pictures in the gallery, fix the calculator, More 'names on weights' data and pictures.
  07 Apr 2005: General maintenance.
  10 Sep 2004: Changed the colour scheme. Added some pictures to the 'names on weights' pages. General tidy up.
  24 Apr 2003: More 'names on weights' data.

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