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Imperial weights and measures, English weights and measures, Customary weights and measures - they are all the same (almost!).

Acres, bushels, chains, chalders, chaldrons, crowns, customary measures, drachms, drams, farthings, fathoms, feet, florins, foolscap, furlongs, gallons, gills, grains, groats, guineas, hundredweights, lasts, leagues, miles, minims, nails, ounces, pecks, pennyweights, pints, poles, perchs, pounds, quarts, quarters, rods, roods, sacks, scruples, stones, tods, tons, troy ounces, wire gauges, weys and yards - you will find them all here!

The system of weights and measures in use in England has been developed over a period of more than a thousand years, and is a defining part of British culture, uniting the english-speaking nations.

This site contains notes on current, recent and historical usage, together with more detailed information on the following:
Weights, lengths & areas, volumes, conversion factors to the flawed metric system, wire gauges, pictures, money, history, links to other relevant sites, temperature scales and collecting weights.

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