These pages have been assembled from a variety of sources as we try to determine our ancestry.  Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, but we are not perfect and there may be errors in places.  We hope these errors do not cause any embarrassment to family members or others.  If any embarrassment has been caused then please accept our apologies and contact us to try and resolve it.  Most of the people born after 1925 have been identified only as 'son' or 'daughter' to protect their privacy.


We would like to acknowledge the help from many of the living members of the families, whose knowledge has been immensely helpful (and occasionally wrong!) in putting this together.  Also to the facilities provided by the British Library. Family Record Centre, Society of Genealogists and The National Archives from where much of this information was gleaned.  A special thanks goes  to the members of the Rootsweb  mailing lists, particularly Notts, Glam and Dyfed,  for their help with look ups and Notts FHS for the data it publishes.  Also a thank you to the late Ted Brown for his contribution of some of the photographs as well as many details of his branch of the family, and Patrick Hughes and Carolyn Badcock for sharing information as they progress their researches into Irish Gilbournes. Thank you Carolyn too for the many helpful discussions as we try to determine how the Irish trees should be assembled. Finally, a thank you to those who have contacted us as a result of seeing these pages, and provided further information or pictures and corrected mistakes including (in alphabetical order)  Nigel Bastable, Aeronwy Bevan, Keith Bevan, John H. Burnett, Peter Burnett, Martyn & Carol Taylor-Cockayne,  Rhodri Dafis, John Lloyd Farthing, Brian & Kathleen Gilbourne, Colin Gilbourne, James Gilbourne, Netta Gilbourne, Lance Gillette, Nancy Hewitt, Esther Holder, Sally Humphrys, Stephen Jenkins, Stephen Gruffydd King, Emma Leivers, Betty Macleod, Michelle Maxwell, Bartlett McElroy, David Pike, Stan Smith, Anne Towle, Carole Traynor, Fred Whiteley, Graham Wright and Norm Young.


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