The Will of William Gilborn, draper, 1582

A transcription of National Archives document PROB/11/64/393.

In the name of God Amen. I William Gilborn, citizen and draper of
London being sick in body but of good and memorye, thanked be god, do make this my presente
testament in this fourme following viz. ffirst I bequeath my sowle into the hands allmightie
god my maker savior and redeemer, and my body to be buried wheare it shall please god to provide for it.
And as touchynge the disposition of all those transitory goods which it hath pleased god to send me
I do dispose them in this manner following viz. I will all my goods shall be distributed according to the laudable custome
of London, which is one parte to my lovinge wife, one other part to my childrenne, and the third parte to my self? to
pay for my funeralls and my Legacies herein by me bequeathed. Item I bequeath the hospitals in London viz.
Christs Hospital in London, Saint Thomas' Hospital in Southwark and Saint Bartholomews in Weste
Smithfield London, to everie of theme sixe pounds thirteen shillings fower pence. Item to the poor prisoners
in London viz. The two Compters Newgate and Ludgate to every of them three pounds six shillings
eight pence. Also to the prisoners in Southwark viz. the Kyngs Bench, The White Lyon and the
Marshallsey to every of theyme Three pounds sixe shillings eighte pence. I do remytt unto my brother
John Gilbourne all those sommes of money he oweth me. And also I do gyve him one hundreth poundes
of lawfull money of England. Item I bequeath unto my sister's son Thomas Dale fyfty poundes of
lawfull English monney to be paid him at his lawfull age of one and twenty years. Item I will unto
my sister Dewes? [Jewes?] her daughter tenne pounds to be paide her at her age of one and twentie years, or daye
of marriage, whiche shall firste happen. Item I will to John ?Dance? and Thomas ?Dance? my brothers, to
either of them tenne pounds Item to my sister Dale tenne pounds. Item I do remytt unto my unckell?
Thomas Gilborne Twentie poundes, and all other sommes of money which he oweth me. Item I gyve
unto the worshipful company of Drapers to make theme a dynner the daie of my burial - twentye
pounds. Item I doe give unto my servannte Peter Hall Twenty pounds. Item I will to all my ???
servannte apprentices tenne pounds a piece, and to my Mayde servannts fortie shillings a piece. My
???? servannts being my apprentices to be paid when they comme owte of their years, So that theye
be diligente and faithfull servantte to my wief Item I will to be distributed amongst the poore students
in Cambridge and Oxford to other? of them six pounds thirteen shillings four pence. Item to my brother
Robinson, my brother L??ynge and my brother Davenport to either of theme a ringe of three poundes.
Item I will to be given unto ffyfty poor menne gownes to go with me the day of my burial to Church.
Item I gyve unto ?Olive? [Alice?]Monford, my servannte more than before fower poundes thirteen shillings fower pence.
Item to the poor of the parish of St. Katherine Creechurch fyve pounds, To the poor of Wolwiche
three pounds sixe shillings eighte pence. To my servant Shrympton forty shillings, And to my servant
?Robert? a poore servant at Woolwiche forty shillings, and to mother Shoemaker twentye shillings. Item
I bequeath to be bestowed in the makinge of a Gallery in the Church of Creechurch Twentye pounds.
Item I gyve to my ?unckell? John Gilborne twentie poundes. Item to Tristram my waterman fortye shillings.
Item I do give unto ?Dame? Ellen forty shillings. Item I gyve unto the good company of Archers of London
whome commonly be called Prince Arthure's knights Three pounds sixe shillings eight pence to make
them a repaste. Item I gyve to Mr. Wyber? Schoolrm forty shillings. Item I give to William Hy Legate
fortie shillings. Item I bequeath unto my Mother in Law Maistris Marston Twentie pounds. And to
my loving brother in law Maister William Marston twentye pounds. Item I gyve to my sonne Nicholas
Gilborne my bason and ewer of sylver to have them delyvered him after the decease of my wief, And also I
doe gyve unto my said sonne Nicholas my best neast? of guilt bowles I have presentlye to be delyvered,
after the decease, and also a guilte saulte.. Item I give unto every one of my other sonnes a guilt sault
Also to they of my daughters not married a guilte saulte. Item I will unto my son Harfleete
a ring of goulde valewe three poundes. And to my daughter his wief twentye pounds to buy her a
cheyne of goulde. Item to my aunte Mrs. Barnam a ring of goulde of three poundes. And the ??cause??
that I do not appointe or devise any other or further legacy unto said daughter Harfleete is for that
I am bounde to pay unto her husband for her portion one thousand pounds, which in ?trueth? is a
further and greater portion than any other of my children (as I suppose) shall have of my goods. Item
I do gyve unto Mr Layefilde the preacher five pounds. Item I gyve to Elizabeth Spencer my keeper
three poundes. Item I gyve unto Andrew Marshe and James Deane my late servants fortye shillings
a piece to make them rings. Item I will and devise unto the parson and Churchewardens of the said
parish of Saint Katherine Creechurch and theire successors for ever, one rente chardge of fiftye three
shillings fower pence to be going out of the Tenements ?adjoining? to my Capitall or mansion dwelling
house in London, to the intent that the same shall be weekelye distributed to the poor of the said parish
in bread viz. twelve pence every Sonday and the sixteen pence residue I will shall be yearly paide
to the sexton of the said church for the tyme being. And I will that if default shalbe made ?after? in
the payment of the said fifty three shillings four pence or anye part thereof, That then it shall
and maie be lawfull to and for the sayde parson and churchewardens their successors and assignees into all the sayde
Tenements with thappertenancrs or any parte thereof to enter and ?distreyne? and the same ?distresse? and ?distresses?
so had and taken to carrie awaie and the same to ?deteyne? and kept until the sayde yearlie payment with th? ?????
thereof shalbe fully payd. Item I give unto eyther of my wyves two sonnes George and John Utley tenne
pounds a piece for a token of remembrance. Item I give unto my wife's brethren Vincent and Nicholas
tenne pounds apiece. Item I gyve to my brothers Edward Hunt and ffranncis Hunt to either of theme
three pounds for to make them rings. And also I do remytte unto the said Edward Hunt one debt
of Twenty pounds which I have a bill of his hand, upon condition that he the sayd Edward and
ffranncis his brother do make such a sufficient release? Unto the said unto the said Nicholas Gilborne and his heires
with warrante against them and theire heyres as shalbe devised by my executors of and in those lands
lying in the countie of Kentt lately recovered from ?Lost? And as ???????? the disposition of all ??
lands and tenements whereof? ???? dispose them in this manner viz. ffirst I do will ???
unto my said loving wife Elizabeth all that my home? dwelling house in London with all the
Tenement thereunto adjoining lying in the parish of St. Katherine Creechurch, London. For ?the? rest?
Of her naturall life. The remainder and ?reversion? thereof after her decease I will and devise unto
my Sonne John Gilborne and his heires for ever upon condition that neyther he the said John his heires
or assignees shall not by any means have or claym to him any my other lands or Tenements
whatsoever or any part thereof ? except? It be my Copyholder Lande ????ham which I mean
to surrender unto him and his heires in the County of Essex now in the occupation of Richard Sha???
Or his assignees. Item I will give and devise unto my said wife during her life. All that my manor
of Armyn With all his might? Members and appurtenances in the County of York. The ?????ion
thereof after her decease. I will and devise unto my said sonne Nicholas Gilbourne and his heires
for ever. Item I devise unto my said sonne Nicholas and his heires for ever, all that my ?messuage
in London in the occupation of Pontunado with a gardeyne thereto belonging in the parish
of Sainte Katherine Colman London. Item I wil land devise unto mu Sonne Edward Gilbourne All
that my ffarme and lands called Greenestead in thoccupation of widow Wafer? or her assignees,
together with one myll and ???? meadowestherewith all purchased lying in the said county of
Kent now in the occupation of Thomas ?Sefton? or his assignees, To hould to him and his heires
for ever, upon condition that he the sayd Edward his heires or assignees shall not as??? Or ????? any
interest or title to of or in any other manners, Landes, Tenements, or hereditaments, or any
parte thereof. Provided allwaies and my full mynde and meaning is, and I will that if my saide
wich shall at any tyme demand anny ???? by the common law ???? of on in any other my
mannors lands, tenements ir hereditaments or any part thereof, other than ???? of the mannor
of Wolwich according unto the? Custom? Of Kent, that then I will that all my ?stuffs? and devises
before made unto her of any my lands, tenements or hereditaments shall be utterly void, The rest
and residue of all my mannors, lands, tenements and hereditaments no? ?? not in this my present
testament conteyned I wholit? will and devyse unto my sayd sonne Nicholas and his heires for ever.
The rest and residue of all the said third part of of my goods belonging to me by the custom of
London my ffunerall and Legacies dischardged I will shalbe divided into two equal parts, whereof
I gyve thone part to my said loving wife, and thither part I will and gyve to my said three sonnes
Nicholas, John and Edward and my two daughters Mary and Martha equallie among them
to be divided. Executors of this my testament and last will I ordeyne and make my sayd loving
wife Elizabeth, and my sonne Nicholas. And overssers of this my present testament and last
will I ordeyne and make Mr. Stephen Glany, Mr. Megge, Mr Dods, Mr. John White and Mr. Car???
And Mr. William Anslowe. To Mr. Glantye, Mr. Megg and Mr. Car??? (Cazenov?) I give to either of them
three pounds six shillings eight pence apiece for to buy them a ring, and to Mr. Dods, Mr. White
and Mr. Onslowe to either of them Twenty pounds apiece. And whereas Sir? Henry Nevill Knight,
William Dunth ??? Younge esquire, Phillipp fysteth? Clothier and Thomas Arnold Men????
By virtue her majestie commission to them granted, bearing date at Westminster the sevententh?
Day of ffebruary in the sixteenth year of the Queen's maiestie reigne Did grant and convey
unto me and my heires ??? lands and tenements lying in Satey? Lane Northbrook? Sreete?
In the west side of Newbery in the County of Berk being then the Lands and tenements of one
Bryan Chamberlayne of Newbery aforesaid And by one deede Indented bearing date the ffirst
day of Septembre in the said sixteenth year of her maiesties raigne more playnelie at large apprentizet?
I the said William Gilbourne do now notifye and declare that the said lands and tenements conveyed
to me by the said ?????? as aforesaid was once? uppon trust and confidence putt in me by
Nabonot? Vilutella? And Phillippe Cursyuy? merchanntte And therefore I the said William Gilborne
at the request of the said Nabonot? and Phillipp Cursyuy? do by this my present last will and
testament devise all the said land and tenements in Newbury aforesaid unto the foresaid
Phillipp fyst???? And Benedict Bartholomey and to their heires for ever. In witness whereof to
those present I have put my hand and the seal the nyne and twentieth day of August in the
ffour and twentieth year of the raigne of our sovereign Lady Elizabeth by the grace of god
Queen of England ffrance and Ireland, Defender of the faith. William Gilborne

This present will published to be the last will and testament of the within named William
Gilborne in the presence of the persons hereafter expressed viz. William Marston, The
mark of Thomas Gilborne, William Devon??, and of me Samuel D?uddersall

Proved 1 September 1582

[A Greenstead farm still (2009) exists in Halstead, Essex]

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