Births Recorded at the Baptist Chapel, Sutton in Ashfield, Notts.


09/11/1760 Abraham Abraham Mary BIRKS

19/12/17?? Isaac Abraham Mary BIRKS

17/12/1764 Sarah Abraham Mary BIRKS

28/05/1767 Mary Abraham Mary BIRKS

25/08/1768 Jesse Matthew Sarah WRIGHT

24/03/1769 Ann Abraham Mary BIRKS

01/10/1769 Ann Joseph Sarah HICKTON

20/09/1770 John Matthew Sarah WRIGHT

10/10/1770 Jesse Joseph Mary TRUEMAN

01/09/1771 John Abraham Mary BIRKS

21/11/1771 James John Mary WHITEHEAD

11/12/1771 Hannah Joseph Mary TRUEMAN

26/09/1772 Thomas Matthew Sarah WRIGHT

21/03/1773 Ann Thomas Sarah BEARDSMORE
of Pinxton

28/08/1773 Elizabeth John Mary WHITEHEAD

19/05/1773 Joseph Joseph Mary BURTON
of Leeds, Yorkshire

26/07/1774 Elizabeth Abraham Mary BIRKS

02/10/1774 George Joseph Sarah HICKTON

27/06/177? Joseph Joseph Mary TRUEMAN

If these dates are in sequence then this would seem to be 27 Jan 1775.  As written it looks like Jun.

30/01/1775 Joshua Joshua Mary BURTON
of Leeds

15/03/1775 John John Mary WHITEHEAD

28/09/1776 Ann Joshua Mary BURTON
of Leeds

16/10/1776 Elizabeth Joseph Sarah HICKTON

08/12/1776 Phebe Joseph Amillia WHARMBY

14/02/1777 Hannah John Mary WHITEHEAD

17/02/1777 Ann Joseph Mary TRUEMAN

19/04/1777 John Thomas Sarah BEARDSMORE
of Pinxton

01/06/1777 Hannah Isaac Elizabeth BEARDSMORE

10/07/1777 (H)annah Abraham Mary BIRKS

First letter of name is off the edge off the filmed page

22/09/1777 (S)amuel Benjamin Ann WARD

First letter of name is off the edge off the filmed page

27/03/1778 (Jo)hn Joshua Mary BURTON
of Leeds First (two?) letters of name are off the edge of the filmed page

29/08/1778 Sarah Joseph Amillia WHARMBY

26/09/1778 Mary Joseph Mary TRUEMAN

07/12/1778 Isaac Isaac Elizabeth BEARDSMORE
of Pinxton

01/02/1779 Sarah John Mary WHITEHEAD

10/04/1779 Thomas Thomas Sarah BEARDSMORE
of Pinxton

20/08/1779 Elizabeth Benjamin Ann WARD

11/09/1779 Hannah Samuel Elizabeth CLARK

13/10/1780 Thomas Thomas Susannah RADFORD

22/01/1781 Frances Samuel Elizabeth CLARK

17/02/1781 Jabez Isaac Elizabeth BEARDSMORE

15/03/1781 Thomas Joseph Sarah HICKTON

13/06/1781 Joseph John Mary GRICE

02/03/1782 Joseph Joseph Amillia WHARMBY

27/04/1782 William Joseph Mary TRUEMAN

07/09/1782 Joseph Matthew Sarah WRIGHT

11/12/1782 Joseph Joseph Sarah HICKTON

09/11/1783 Joseph Joseph Sarah WHITEHEAD

18/03/1784 Samuel Samuel Elizabeth CLARK

13/11/1784 Ann Benjamin Ann WARD

10/10/1786 William Samuel Elizabeth CLARK

07/06/1790 Asenath

23/03/1790 Silvanus Samuel Elizabeth CLARK

07/10/1793 Betty Samuel Elizabeth CLARK

03/12/1799 Mary Joshua Elizabeth BURTON

These carryd to the other Register 1799 -    

19/05/1800 John William Elizabeth LAWRENCE

15/08/1802 Samuel William Elizabeth LAWRENCE

23/03/1789 Sarah Matthew Ann WHITEHEAD

31/05/1791 Ann Matthew Ann WHITEHEAD

Date as written but incompatible with next.

21/06/1791 William Matthew Ann WHITEHEAD

Date as written but incompatible with previous.

12/01/1802 John Matthew Ann WHITEHEAD

04/02/1806 Eli Matthew Ann WHITEHEAD

10/07/1810 Samuel Matthew Ann WHITEHEAD

These data were transcribed from microfilm RG4/3603 at the Public Record Office, Kew