Ralph Balshaw, born 1780.


Born approximately 1780, son of John Balshaw and Ann of Orkskirk.

Baptised at Ormskirk parish church 28th December 1780 (see IGI).


Betty - no details known. (However, a Ralph Balshaw married Elizabeth Cockin at St Mary, Lancaster on 8th June 1802.)  (c.f. his older brother John who may have married Nancy Cocking in Liverpool in 1792.)

Children: John, 1802; Thomas, 1806; Nancy, 1807 (probably); Sarah, 1809-1821; Charles, 1812 (probably Charles Balshaw, Printer of Altrincham); William, 1816-1829; Ralph, 1816-1841; Edward, 1818 and Richard, 1820.


Joiner and Cabinet Maker of Church St, Ormskirk, from the Holden's Directory of 1811 and from the christening of his son Edward in 1818.


Not known.

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