John Balshaw, 1802-?.


Son of Ralph Balshaw and Betty, Ormskirk.  This means that he was the cousin of Thomas Balshaw the printer in Altrincham, and brother of Charles Balshaw the printer in Altrincham.

Christened Ormskirk 11th September 1802.


Probably Fanny Gregory, 28th August 1826, at St Mary's, Bowdon, Cheshire, by banns, both signed. Witnessed by Thomas Balshaw. (We could speculate that this was Thomas Balshaw, printer of Altrincham and that Fanny was the half sister of his wife Lucy.  i.e. she was the daughter of Fanny Shearson who married Henry Fayrer in 1782, then James Gregory  in 1788 and finally John Riddiough in 1802 (the year Henry Fayrer died)).

Ralph Balshaw was christened at Liverpool, St Peter, 20th June 1830, son of John Balshaw and Fanny.  This Ralph was living in Great Crosby in 1881, General Draper, aged 50, born in Liverpool.  They must also have had another son called John (a Draper) who had a daughter, Fanny Elizabeth Balshaw born in 1856 in Bowdon.

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