Edward Balshaw, born 1818.


6th June 1818, Ormskirk, Lancs, son of Ralph Balshaw and Betty. Baptised 20th September 1818.


On the 1841 census there is an Edward Balshaw, Painter, in Aughton St, aged 20.

On the 1851 census there is an Edward Balshaw, Plumber and Glazier (master), in Moore End St, aged 30, born in Ormskirk.

In various trade directories Edward Balshaw appears; as plasterer, Aughton Street in 1851; plasterer in Aughton St and separately brewer in Aughton St in 1854; plasterer in Aughton St and The Greyhound, Aughton St in 1855. It seems likely that these references could refer to two different people.


If the above entry on the 1851 census is the right Edward, his wife was called Elizabeth and she was also born in Ormskirk.

From the same source their children are named Thomas, 1844; Ralph, 1846 and Harriet, 1851.



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