Trade directory information from Ormskirk and Altrincham.

Ormskirk library has a copy of Bailey's Liverpool Directory of 1787 - No Balshaws listed

Holden's Annual London and Country Directory of the United Kingdoms, and Wales, in three volumes, for the year 1811.

Pigot and Deans' New Directory of Manchester, Salford etc for 1821-2

Baines History of Lancashire, 1824, p 460-1

Baines History of Lancashire, Volume 2, 1825

Baines directory vol. 2. 1825

Baines directory. 1828.

Pigots Directory of Altrincham, 1832

Piggots directory. 1834.

Slaters directory. 1848.

Slaters directory. 1851.

Mannex and Co., History, and Topography of Mid Lancashire, 1854

Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory, 1855


Kelly's Directory 1918, St Helens, Lancs, (Private Residents)