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Over 300 web pages of information about the English surname Balshaw, compiled by Nicholas Howard Balshaw.  It includes information about my family tree and other Balshaws not closely related to me.  You will also find a complete list of Balshaws on the 1881 census of England and Wales, all Balshaws listed in civil registration in the 1800s (and beyond), some clues as to the origins of the name from northern Lancashire, the spread of the name fom northern Lancashire over the centuries . . . and much more!

 Thanks to contributions from a number of other people, this site is updated often, so if you have an interest in the Balshaw name check back occasionally to see whether there is anything new to interest you.

Some of the pages were last updated on 23rd November 2008 
(but I must admit (and apologise) that very little maintenance is being done on this site nowadays).

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Please note that there is very little information about living people on this site for security reasons.  In most cases there is only an e-mail address to help you to contact people.

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