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Those interested in the Balshaws

Peter Harrop

North Island,
New Zealand.
Interests include: Balshaw, Riddiough, Shearson.

Descended from Thomas and Lucy Balshaw's son Pass Balshaw.

I would like to acknowledge the huge amount of Balshaw research carried out by Peter.  He must have spent many days searching through microfilm records of the church registers in Ormskirk.  Much of the information on this site originates from his notes.

Ann Moore (nee Balshaw).

Somewhere in England.  

Ann Hockaday

Somewhere in England. Contact her by e-mail via me, Nick Balshaw.   I will pass on your message.

Her husband 's great grandmother was Alice Balshaw, born 1850 in Linacre Village.  Alice married Henry Webster. Alice's parents were William Balshaw born about 1809, (possibly William Balshaw) and Margaret Balshaw (formerly Green), born about 1806.

Joan Kuropatwa (nee Balshaw)

Somewhere in Canada.  

Paul Balshaw

Father of David M Balshaw (see below).

David M. Balshaw

Chapel Hill, NC 27599, USA
(919) 363-4864
Interests include: Balshaw, Pearson, Spehr and Flagstaff.

Geoffrey Robert Balshaw

Essex, CT. 06426
(860) 767-2975
Brother of Mavis Catherine Balshaw. See family details below.

Mavis Catherine Balshaw

Sadly Mavis died of cancer on 4th July 2001, (formerly balpet@axionet.com).

Vancouver, Canada.  Sister of Geoffrey Robert Balshaw (above) and cousin of Brian Balshaw (below).

Brian Balshaw

Somewhere in England.  Cousin of Mavis and Geoffrey Balshaw listed above.

Ginny Funnell

Previously somewhere in Borneo, then in Malta. Now in Australia.  Her great grandfather, William Pearson was the brother of  Susannah Pearson.

Kevin Balshaw

Crescent Beach,
B.C., Canada.
Interests include: Balshaw.  His family moved from Bolton, England around 1915.

Linda Mason (nee Sharrock)

Somewhere in England.

Descended from Charles Balshaw living at 42 Liverpool Road, Eccleston in Prescot.  I think this is Charles Balshaw (1820 to 1899 (?)), cousin once removed of my three time great grandfather Thomas Balshaw.

Sherra Rieger

Pearland, Texas, USA.

Her "great-father's name was Maurice Christy Balshaw. He lived in Louisiana in the late 1800's.  No other details are yet available and we do not know where he was born.

Margaret Palmer

Descended from Margaret Ann Balshaw who is believed to have been born in 1868. Left UK for America in 1884 to join her future husband, Walter Rigby of Bolton, who had come to America. Her bible has the inscription "Presented to Miss M.A. Balshaw by the teachers and scholars of the 1st.class (females) of the Halliwell Rd. Wesleyan Sunday School on the occasion of her leaving England for America as a token of their love and esteem.May 25, l884".  Returned to Bolton to have her first child-Alice-born May, 1885 and died July 30, l885. She was buried in the Tonge Cemetery Aug. 3. She then returned to America. Her mother may have been a Quaker. She is believed to have had at least one brother, Peter.

Melissa Balshaw and her brother Marty Balshaw.

Marty (Martin James Balshaw) was born at 1 Market St, Wesham.  He is not certain whether his father was also born at this address but thinks so. His sister Jean Ann was also born there. She is now Ann Harvey and resides in Canberra ACT, Aust.  Melissa was born in Woomera, South Australia, in 1971.  Their other sister Norma Margaret Balshaw, was born 3/3/61 in Woomera.

Their father's sister Beatrice used to have a poultry farm in or near Wesham.

Marty did see a family Bible when he was in his teens that had a family tree but unfortunately this has been lost.

Andrew Blundell

Interested in the Balshaws in North Meols (pronounced "Mells"), which has now effectively been absorbed into the holiday town of Southport.  Andrew has transcribed the Balshaw births and marriages for some of the churches in that area .

Geoff Balshaw

Somewhere in South Africa.  He writes:

Here is some information about the Balshaw family in South Africa. According to the family bible my great grandfather was Edward Balshaw (he married Clara Agnis Harris), he was born in Preston, Lancashire. He had 2 sons Edward Charles Balshaw and Arthur Hugh Stanley Balshaw ( my grandfather). AHS had 2 sons Norman Stanley Balshaw ( my father) and Edward Thomas Balshaw. NSB has 4 sons Antony Stanley, Geoffrey Edwin, Shaun Norman and Robert Michael. ETB has 2 daughters and a son, Heather, Michael and Lillian.

Barbara McMillan

Lower Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia.  [Notes in the square brackets are mine - NHB] See also various notes on the Goore Balshaw's gathered from other sources.  There must be a connection between them.

George BALSHAW (who was my husband's mother's g.g.grandfather) married Isabella NEALE (where and when unknown - possibly Liverpool, Eng) and they had a son Richard Goore BALSHAW b1819 (other children unknown).

Richard married Anne Jane WATKINSON b1820 Maghull Lanc. Eng.

They had five children in Liverpool, Eng. : #1 Goore b1840 Liverpool, Eng., d 1920 Moulamein NSW Aust [registered 3rd quarter 1842 in Ormskirk? This is the only Goore Balshaw I can find around that time.] ; #2 Thomas Watkinson b c1842 Liverpool Eng., m 1882 Moama NSW Aust to Jane Ann BREMNER b1865 Beaufort, Vict. Aust. [I can't find this one in civil registration.] ; #3 Richard Watkinson b c1844 Liverpool, Eng., m 1874 Harriet HUNTER Vict, Aust., d 1885, buried at Moama, NSW Aust. [registered 3rd quarter 1843] ; #4 John b1847 Liverpool Eng., d 1906 Goroke, Vict, Aust. ; [Nearest one was registered in 3rd quarter 1847 in Prescot (?). The following record for Ellen Jane suggests that this is not the right John, and the previous John on the index in the Liverpool area was registered in the 4th quarter of 1845 in Liverpool itself.] ; #5 Ellen Jane b1848 Liverpool, Eng., d 1864 Vict, Aust. [registered 4th quarter 1847 in Liverpool]

Their other children were born in Victoria as follows: #6 William Alfred b 1854 Ballarat, Vic, Aust., d 1855 Ballarat, Vic, Aust. ; #7 Robert b 1857 Geelong, Vic, Aust., d 1857 Geelong, Vic, Aust. ; #8 William b 1858 Moolap, Vic, Aust., d 1859 Moo Noo, Vic, Aust.

Thomas Watkinson BALSHAW and Jane Ann BREMNER had seven children as follows: #1 Isabel Ann b 1883 Moama, NSW, Aust.; m 1911 Balranald NSW, Aust to T A BEST; d 1944 Balranald, NSW, Aust. ; #2 Margaret Jane b 1885 Moama, NSW, Aust.; m 1915 Balranald, NSW to W C CARTER. ; #3 John Thomas b 1887 Minmi, NSW, Aust.; m 1914 Wentworth, NSW, Aust to Katherine H LESLIE. ; #4 Christina b 1888 Moama, NSW, Aust.; d 1942 Mildura, Vic, Aust. ; #5 Norman b 1891 Moama, NSW, Aust.; d 1918 France (WW1). ; #6 Roderick Robert b 1895 Moulamein, NSW, Aust.; d 1917 KIA (WW1) ; #7 Helen b 1897 Swan Hill, Vic, Aust.; m 1920 to Herriot C NELSON.

Margaret Jane had a daughter before she married W CARTER. The baby, (Lilian, b 1912 Kyneton, Vic, Aust) was raised by Margaret's parents. The father is unknown. Margaret had five children to W CARTER.

Lilian married Ian Wallace MCMILLAN in Murrumbeena, Vic, Aust 1941. They had three children : #1 Robert Ian. ; #2 Peter James (my husband) ; #3 Marguerite Helen.

Roderick John Balshaw, Australia (known as John)

John shares many of his ancestors with Barbara McMillan's husband (see immediately above).  There are some discrepancies between their family trees and you would  need to contact both of them if you are interested in sorting out the details further.  [John provided a lot more information about his cousins, but in line with my policy of giving little information about people who are still living I have not published it here.  As usual, the comments in square brackets are mine.  NHB]

George Balshaw [Goore on IGI] (farmer) Altcar, Lancashire m. Isabella Heale [or Neale, 10th Feb 1812 on IGI?]

One son was Richard Goore born Jan 1817? Altcar (gold digger and farmer), m. (1840?) Anne Jane Watkinson (born 1817?).  He died 7/11/1901, Echuca, NSW Aust.  Richard and Anne arrived Port Phillip Dist. on 9/12/1856 aboard “Royal Charter”, 2719 tons, with 400 passengers from Liverpool.  Ship's master was Frances Boyce. On departure Richard and Anne were both 36? And their children were: George (Goore) b 1840; Thomas Watkinson b 31/1/1841; Richard Watkinson b 1843; John b 28/9/1845; Ellen Jane Margery b 16/1/1848; Ralph Corlass b 1856 d 1856 on voyage; 2 other children listed on Richards death cert. assumed to have been born in Aust. Isabel Agnes and William both had died by 1901.

George [Goore?] knew nothing of:
Thomas Watkinson m.1882 Jane Ann Bremner b 1863/5? Stockyard Hill.  Their children were: John Thomas b 16/5/1888 Moama NSW; Rodney b ? KIA WW1; Norman b ? KIA WW1; Christina; Helen m. Herriot Nelson; Isabella m. Tom Best; Margaret m. William Charles Carter.

John Thomas m. 16/7/1914 Catherine Harriet Leslie (Euston?) she was b 29/7/1898 Euston. He died Balranald NSW 1/2/1952/ She died Balranald 14/3/1959, their children were: Stanley Theodore b 1912 d 1976 m. 26/7/1934 Bridget Hilda Maud; Mona Margaret b 1914 d 1915; Norma Leslie b 1917 d 1981 m 1935 Robert John Hall Hudson; Roderick John b 9/11/1918 d 8/2/1976 m 30/12/1940 Sarah Jean Slater (Mildura?) b 26/5/1923 Carwarp, Divorced ,(Their children include Roderick John Balshaw b 21/8/1941, who sent this information); Sylvia May b 1921 d 25/12/1998 (?) m 15/3/1939 Francis Kevin Murphy; Maurice Watkinson b 1922 d 1963 m 18/5/1946 Mary Alfreda Nutt; Thomas James b 1924 d 1956 m ( ? ) Patricia Mary Lloyd; Joan Marge (Peg ) b 1926 m 28/9/1946 Henry Charles Simpson; Edna Myrtle (Dot) b 1928 m 25/8/1951 Donald Bruce McCrimmon; Katherine Helen (Snow) b 1930 m 27/1/1950 Kenneth Crawford Lee Tet; Yvonne b 1937 m 10/7/1954 Norman James Bax (Dec)

Jackie Lawrence

Interested in the Balshaws of Barrow in Furness.  Follow this link for further details.

Walter Balshaw

His grandfather and unclewere both called Walter, born 1862 & 1891 in Bolton.

David Balshaw

He says "the earliest relation I have found is my 3xgreat grand father, (yet another) Thomas (of Preston) ca. 1820s-30s."

Geoff Balshaw

Advertised an interest in the Ormskirk Balshaws  1700-1980 and the Formby Balshaws 1940-1980, in the "Ormskirk and District Family Historian", Summer 2001, issue no. 26.

Ian Balshaw

Please find below the following information which may be of interest to you:

a) My father born Chester 26th May 1924.

b) My grand father (Frank Balshaw) born Chester 19th December 1896.

c) My great grand father (George Balshaw) born Chester 29th July 1863? This is subject to check using the 1901 census information.

Richard Balshaw (and his daughter's web site)

I am also a Balshaw and my roots go back to Lancashire. My Father (born 1927 a ship builder/boiler maker) was called William Robert Balshaw as was his father (An engine driver or assistant). My older brother is called William Robert Balshaw.

My family have in their possession many parchments (some written in Latin) every time referring to the name William Robert Balshaw, some parchments date back to the 17th Century.

A very distant Grandfather (William Robert of course) was a Country Yeoman in the County of Lancashire (Merseyside was classed as Lancashire then so the exact area would not be known).

I also have a relative who had sewn a small tapestry with her name and age in it - Isabella Balshaw age 8 at the latter half of the 19th Century.

And Richard added (Sept 2002):

I can confirm that I am directly related to Robert Balshaw (1827-1894) of Altcar on the 1881 census. Your excellent website backed up information already provided by living relatives. We also have a small stitched cloth with Robert’s daughter’s name on it saying “Isabella Balshaw Age 8 1882” – we knew this was my Grandfather’s Aunt who ran her own business from Prescott’s farm in Altcar as a dressmaker with her sister Alice A Balshaw working for her as a dressmaker. As I said, I have many indentures with the family name on it stretching back to the 18th Century that should provide even further details of my family. I see I take a different Balshaw branch to you. But who knows, I may link in with you at some stage. I have posted my family tree at the following site (below).

Richard Balshaw (1967), web site

And further (Sept 2002):

He is now sure that his 3xgreat Grandfather was Goore Balshaw. His 2xG Grandfather was Robert Balshaw who was the brother of Richard Goore Balshaw. I have the marriage certificate of Robert Balshaw listing Gore Balshaw as his father who was dead when he married in 1864.

He has several interesting wills/parchments/indentures from the 1700s including the following: a will for Robert Goore (with William Balshaw benfiting); a 1783 indenture ‘The Honourable Charles Lewis Mordaunt’ mentioning Thomas Balshaw of Liverpool, for “exchanging the life of the said Thomas Balshaw for that of Margaret Balshaw, daughter of the said William Balshaw and for adding these to the life of Jane Balshaw another daughter of the said (can’t read next bit)…..”; another indenture dated 1735 and this seems to say Thomas Balshaw (but not definitely); another indenture mentions the name Richard Goore in 1752 and Thomas Molyneux.

Kenneth Howard Balshaw, born 1943

See page of information about Kenneth and his family. I am quite sure that he is my second cousin.

Paul Howard Balshaw, born 1967

Son of Kenneth Howard (above). See page of information about Paul, Kenneth and family.

Cassie Thornley

Cassie is interested in the family of Thomas BALSHAW (c.1801-1875). Thomas was born and lived in Bolton. where he became the Registrar of Births and Deaths (1871 census).

He had a number of children, among whom were James (1822-91), Ann Jesop (1823-1904) and Edward (1828-)

James married Rebecca (b.c.1829) and was an Iron Turner, his daughter Elizabeth Ann (b. 29.9.1840) married George SKELTON in Bolton. These two moved to Norton, Durham where two daughters, Elizabeth Florence Helen (Nellie) (b. 2.12.1859) and Annie Matilda Marian Louisa (b. 23.1.1861) were born. However the two girls were brought up in the household of their maternal grandfather, Thomas Balshaw, in Bolton. The elder, Nellie, married my grandfather's brother, John THORNLEY, in Bolton in 1881.

Edward BALSHAW gained a BA at Cambridge and entered the Church. It was he who married his niece to his friend George and was employed with him at Norton. Here Edward later became Headmaster of the Norton Grammar School (1881 census), by which time he was a widower with three girls.

Thomas' daughter, Ann never married. She was his housekeeper and raised her two nieces.

This connection to my own line is not direct but I am interested because John and Nellie had four children the youngest of whom, Bernard, had an interesting life and has left no heirs. He and my father were, as often occurs between cousins, very alike in looks and personality and good friends.

I'd be very interested to hear from anyone with connections to this line.

Frank Shiers

Researching the Willacy family.  Two Willacy brothers married the daughters of Charles Balshaw of Altrincham (1812 to 1869).

Nick Hewitt

The owner Tunstall House, formerly known as Lower Balshaw.

Joan and David Tyson

Interested in is ELLEN BALSHAW born 1821 in Altcar Lancs., Daughter of THOMAS BALSHAW, farmer of Altcar. Ellen married John Hankin at ST.Nicholas's Church, Liverpool 6th Jan. 1840. They are my husband's Gt. Gt. Grandparents.  Linked to the Goore Balshaws.

Mike Lillie

Interested in Balshaws in Preston possibly including  his wife's connection to John Frederick Balshaw born 1893.

Beryl Stockton

My grandfather's name was Jack Balshaw Wentworth. We presume that his middle name was his mother's maiden name but are not sure. We also believe that his father was in the Kings Hussars and that my grandfather was actually born in the Tower of London. This is a story that we have grown up to believe but is it true? We don't know. My grandfather died in 1960 and I think he was in his early 80's when he died. Kind regards Beryl Stockton (nee Wentworth).

Amanda Greer

Can anyone help me locate the family tree of Edwin Balshaw married to Caroline Baxter, both born aprox 1910 . Married 1930s.  Had four sons, first son Arthur born 1938.

Ethel Balshaw

I am looking for cousins in England or USA or Canada. My father was born in Bolton, Lancashire, England. His parents were William Balshaw and Mary (Shaw) Balshaw. My father's name is Josiah (NMN) Balshaw and he died on May 13, 1957 in Flint, Michigan, USA. My Aunts and Uncles were: Alice, Albert, William, Georgina, Sally, Ada, Sarah and Fred. I am just interested in any trace of Balshaws from Bolton area. Most of my Aunts and Uncles went To Canada and settled in Brantford Ontario Canada. One Uncle went out to western Canada

Thank you. Ethel M. Balshaw (Edwards).

Val Roberts

I am trying to find out more info on Peter Balshaw. He was living at 6 Hope Street, New Brighton, Wallasey at the time of the 1881 census. At this time he was aged 50, living with wife Jane and son Andrew Peter (5)( my Grandfather) daughter Anne (11) and niece Elizabeth age 15. He is listed as having been born in Preston Lancs. If you have any info I would be very pleased to hear from you.  Val Roberts.

John and Janet Balshaw

George Balshaw, 1881 British Census (LDS site), born 1847 Walton, Lancashire, Cotton Weaver. Wife Sarah, born 1851. Sons Robert age 9, John J. age 3 mos. I found this at Familysearch.com and then found George and Sarah in the 1920 US Census in Rhode Island. From this I surmise this family emigrated and I have at last possibly found John J. Balshaw's roots. He is my husband's grandfather who lived out his adult life in Rhode Island (1881 to 1955). He had one son, Armand James Balshaw 1908 to 1976. I am submitting this in the event that it can be of use to someone else and, hopefully, lead us on to more discoveries too. Janet O. Balshaw (Mrs. John L.)

Paul Whiteley

My gg-grandfather John Arthur Whiteley married Annie Arden Balshaw b1871 on the September 5th 1894 in Hull. She was a stage wardrobe mistress and he was a stage carpenter, in 1905 they walked to London to work for Sir John Martin Harvey.

Annie's father Joseph and mother Ann do not appear in the 1901 census although they would have been both in their early 60's.

A cousin Edward Balshaw b1884 moved to South Africa and married Clara Agnes Harris, he returned a couple of times during the 1930's to visit the family. I am now in contact Geoff from SA.

I do have a copy of both Edward and Clara's wills and death notices if you would like a copy.

Those interested in the Bolshaws

Mike Head

He says "I am interested in the BOLSHAW name. I did some research a few years ago but gave up as they all had the same first name. I did have a few BALSHAW names listed, if you are interested I will see if I can find them.

Regards Mike Head.

p.s. Bolshaw was my mother s name."

Mike Bolshaw

Researching the Bolshaw name.

Angus Buchanan

I am a descendent of the BOLSHAW family on my mothers side and as far I can establish (although I am not entirely certain of all the facts at this early stage) what follows is what I have been able to find out about my part of the BOLSHAW family to date: 1831 SAMUEL BOLSHAW married ANNE HARRISON in Bunbury, Cheshire. Their son SAMUEL HARRISON BOLSHAW married ANNIE B. DODD in 1870 and lived in Church Minshull in Cheshire. At the local C. of E. Church in Church Minshull there is a gravestone to SAMUEL HARRISON BOLSHAW of Minshull Hall. After the death (date unknown) of SAMUEL HARRISON BOLSHAW (my great grand father), his widow ANNIE B and their four children went to live in SEAFORTH, in LIVERPOOL. They were: ANNIE B. BOLSHAW.....widow and mother......died in 1903 aged 53 TOM BOLSHAW aged 28... employed as a Mechanical Engineer SAM BOLSHAW aged 26....employed as a Timber Salesman JESSIE BOLSHAW aged 23....?........subsequently married CHARLES CHALONER at Warrington in 1905 ARTHUR BOLSHAW aged 21...Joiner/Builder The above was extracted from the 1901 census website. ARTHUR my grandfather and TOM BOLSHAW (eldest and youngest brothers, as above) together with my grandmother LILY (ARTHURS wife, my grandmother) are buried together in a C of E Church, in Great Crosby, in Liverpool. ARTHUR my grandfather died in 1928 aged 48 TOM died about 1944???? The family appears to have left CHESHIRE and settled in LIVERPOOL after the death of SAMUEL HARRISON BOLSHAW The youngest of the above four children ARTHUR BOLSHAW (my maternal grandfather) married LILY COX and they had three children: JOHN ARTHUR BOLSHAW.(known to all as JACK)....my uncle who lived between about 1909 to 1996 and farmed for most of his life in Northamptonshire SAMUEL BOLSHAW.............police officer in the PRENTON, BIRKENHEAD area and and lastly JEAN BOLSHAW my mother who lived from 1913 until her untimely death in SOUTH AFRICA in 1975 If there is anyone related my family, I would be extremely pleased to make contact with you.

Tony Haley

My great grandfather was John Henry Bolshaw, born in 1862, somewhere near Manchester. He died in Blackpool in 1934 at the age of 72. In 1912, at the age of 50 he married Isabella Haley. This was his second marriage. These certificates describe him as a cashier His first marriage was to Ada. In 1894 they had a daughter Hilda, (my paternal grandmother). Hilda was born in Chorlton, Manchester. All these certificates refer to him as John Henry. In addition we have his Sunday school books from 1869 which are embossed, John Henry Bolshaw. I cannot find him in the 1901 census (under any B*lshaw spelling) However I can find a William Balshaw. This William lived in Higher Chatham Street in Manchester. i.e. the John Henry's area. He was 39 years old, John Henry's age. A bookkeeper, similar job to John Henry's cashier His wife was Ada, as John Henry's They had a daughter called Hilda who was 7 years old born in the right area. Was John Henry really a William? or is it all coincidence? Can anyone shed any light? There is another interesting twist to this one. In 1913 Hilda married George Haley who was the son of John Henry's second wife. i.e. My father's paternal grandmother was also his step maternal grandmother and his maternal grandfather his step paternal grandfather (John Henry)!

Those interested in the Belshaws

Fraser Stewart

See his family tree website. It contains one of the clearest family trees that I have ever seen. See also a brief description of his interests.

John Belshaw

NSW Australia.  Interested in the connections between Balshaw, Belshaw and Bolshaw.

Michelle Nichols

Sydney NSW Australia.  Robert & Letitia (Letty) BELSHAW lived at Arboe, Tyrone Ireland. They had children Jane 1825, Nancy 1829, Jemima 1831, William 1833, George 1835, Mary 1838 & Robert 1840. William BELSHAW was a weaver and moved to Magheralin & Lurgan Co Down, IRL. He m. Jane ALLEN & they had John Allen 1856, William 1861, James 1864, Robert 1863 & Joseph 1869 Moira. John Allen BELSHAW m. Georgina HILL (or maybe FERGUSON). They lived Tullycairn & also Armagh. Their issue was Clara, Georgina, Robert & Jane Allen. They migrated to Sydney on the "Orizaba" in 1888. They lived mostly in Sydney & had 2 more children Muriel 1890 & Roger 1898. John was accidently killed in a train accident at work in 1902. I am a descendant of Robert Joseph BELSHAW and would be interested in contacting anyone who can assist.

Carol Weston

I am a descendant of Robert Belshaw from Altrincham, Cheshire - he was my great-great grandfather. I am descended via his daughter Catherine Louisa Belshaw.

Those interested in the Mossops

Marshall and Jean Mossop

Researching the Mossops in Cumbria (which was previously called Cumberland) they have a family tree stretching back to the 1600s and distant connections to William Mossop. Working closely with Jill Coulthard (below).  They have now set up their own Mossop web site.  If you suspect that you have Mossop ancestors in Cumberland they will probably be happy to help you.

Jill Coulthard

Researching the Mossops in Cumbria (which was previously called Cumberland) and working closely with Marshall and Jean Mossop (above).

Bob Mullet

Australian arm of the Mossop family.

Leonie Copeland

In Australia.  Her great grandparents were Tom Mossop (son of William Mossop) and Mary Ellen Mossop (nee Drake)

Those interested in the Riddioughs

Peter Harrop

Details as above.

Kevan and Susan Chippendale

Interested in the Riddiough's in Thornton in Craven area in the 1880s.  No know connection with the Ormskirk Riddioughs.

Derek Shearson

Lancashire, UK
Interests include: Riddiough, Shearson

Descended from Timothy Shearson and Mary, who were the parents of Fanny Shearson. Also descended form the Riddioughs, and I am grateful to Derek for providing much of the information about the Riddioughs and Shearsons.

Faye Ross

in Australia.

Interested in Frances Barton Riddiough who married a James Fletcher Redfearn c 1820 in Rochdale, Lancashire.  Their son John Redfern, b.c. 1822 Rochdale, Lanc., d. 17 Nov 1898 South Yarra, Victoria, Australia. Occupation: Tailor

m 1. Catherine Steele 16 Nov 1850 Sydney, NSW, Australia b. c. 1832 Ross, Herefordshire, d. 13 Dec 1867 South Yarra, VIC., AUS

Their children were: 1. Frances Barton Redfern b. 1854 Prahran, VIC d. 1889 Paddington, NSW; 2. Catherine Alice R. b. 1856 Prahran, VIC d., 1886 South Yarra; 3.Lucy Ann R. b. 1858 South Yarra, VIC d. 1859; 4. Thomas Riddiough R. b. 1861 Sydney, NSW d. 1916 South Yarra, VIC

m 2., Mary Wilson Balfour 11 Dec 1879 Melbourne, VIC, b.19 Apr 1851 Stirling, SCT d. 22 May 1919 South Yarra, VIC. Mary was a daughter of John Robertson Balfour and Ann Lindsay Miller.

Their children were 1. John Redfern b. 1872 Melbourne; 2. Richard James R., b. 1875 Melbourne; 3. Edward Hale R. b. 1877; 4. Florence Hannah R. b. 1882 Melb.; 5. Beatrice Maud R. b., 1883 Melb. ;6. Blanche May R. b., 1886 Melb.; 7. James R. b. 29 Jun 1887 South Yarra, .d. 4 Nov 1955 Melb. (FAYE'S LINE); James married Violet May LOFT b. 9 Apr 1885 d. 25 Nov 1954

Those interested in the Penns

Moya, somewhere in Australia

[Who says] I noticed you had a James Penn probably born in Dearham, son of Mayson Penn & Elizabeth and christened 1st July,1823.  I also have this James on my family tree, and his parents are Mayson Penn b.1794-5, and Elizabeth (nee Smith) n 21st Aug.1821 at Dearham Parish Church.  Mayson was bur.2nd Feb,1869 at 74 years at Dearham. James had a sister called Sarah c.25 Oct,1821, she married a William Fearon, Sarah is my great great grandmother.

Linda Hodgson

My Great, great, great Grandmother was Elizabeth Penn born 1820 . She married William Sides in 1838.  Elizabeth's siblings were Ruth, Sarah, John and Alexander.  I am not sure if they are related to you or not but there are a number of Mason Penn's buried in the church yard at St Mungo's Dearham with very large tomb stones.