William Balshaw, 1809-1888.


Born 1808 or 1809, son of  John Balshaw and Ann of Ormskirk. Baptised at Ormskirk parish church 16th April 1809.

It is not absolutely certain that the rest of the information on this page relates to the same person but it seems very likely. However, the rest of this page does appear to relate to the same person even if he was not the son of John and Ann of Ormskirk.


Teresa (1809-76), maiden name and date of marriage unknown.  From a memorial inscription and Ormskirk Parish Church we know that Teresa died on 6th April 1876 aged 69, although she does not appear in civil registration records.

Children:  Ann,1831; Mary, 1834; Elizabeth, 1836; Thomas, joiner, 1840-1900 (memorial inscription ); William 1864.


Pavior, living  in Chapel Lane Ormskirk in 1841, with his wife Teresa and children.

Note that he was mentioned in the will of his niece Jane Balshaw in 1849.  He also became one of the executors of his father John Balshaw's will in the same year.

He appears on the 1881 census, Pavior, aged 74 (born in Scarisbrick), living in Cottage Lane, Aughton, widower, with two sons, Thomas aged 40 (born in Ormskirk) and William aged 17 (born in Aughton).


22nd March 1888 in Aughton by Ormskirk, Lancashire, leaving an estate to the value of  £90/2/8 to his son Thomas Balshaw of Aughton, Joiner,  absolutely.  His last will was written on 13th March 1888, and includes the words "read over to the testator and he appeared perfectly to understand the same". Have copy of will.

The death register says that his age at death was 84, but it seems more likely that he was actually about 80 from the 1881 census.  This ties in more closely with the christening entry in Ormskirk. 

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