Fanny Shearson, 1761- 1830


Born 1761. Daughter of Timothy Shearson and Mary (nee Heath).  (Note that on 1st Oct.1779. "Paid Mr. Shearson for repairing the church bible 8/6" - source The Story of Ormskirk by Padfield.)


Wife of John Alanson Riddiough.

The search for Fanny Shearson

Information from Peter Harrop

It was a painstaking task to find Fanny Shearson. All I knew to start with was that John Riddiough (my 4 x great grandfather) married a Fanny Gregory at Ormskirk in 1802. I ordered the Ormskirk church film and started looking for the christening of Fanny Gregory. No joy. Then I had a look to see perhaps whether Fanny had already been married and found that James Gregory married Fanny Fayrer in 1788. James Gregory died in 1802. Then I started looking for the christening of Fanny Fayrer. No joy either. I then found that Henry Fayrer married Fanny Shearson in 1782. I then found that Fanny Riddiough died at Ormskirk in 1830, aged 69, thus tracing her birth back to 1761, the exact christening date of Fanny Shearson. Notice that on the parish register the spelling of Fanny's first husband was Fayrer, whereas Derek Shearson has Faynery.

It appears that Henry & Fanny had no children. James Gregory and Fanny had 7 children, all christened at Ormskirk. John Riddiough and Fanny had 2 children, Lucy and Robert (perhaps the person who Robert Riddiough Shearson was named after).

Children: Lucy, 1803; Robert 1806.

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