Pass Balshaw, 1834 - 1910


Altrincham c. 1834 son of Thomas Balshaw and Lucy. Church register. Named after Nathaniel Pass, a notable character, lawman, mayor of Altrincham, and Methodist friend of Thomas and Lucy. Baptised 23rd November 1834, at St George, Altrincham.


Draper's Apprentice, age 16, on 1851 census, Manchester Warehouseman, age 26, still living (or staying) with parents at 32 Church St on 1861 census.

Agent, living in Altrincham, at first marriage in June 1861.

Living in Barton registration district in 1868, and at Stretford (which is probably in that district) at the 1881 census.

In 1868 a directory lists him as a Commision Agent with premises at 41 Faulkner Street and a private address of 2 St Ann's Terrace, King Street, Stretford.

By 1873 he no longer appears in the commercial section but has a private address at 1 Richmond Terrace, Chester Road, Stretford.  By 1877/8 he does not appear in either section.

Later, travelling Salesman and Safe Manufacturer.

Boarding house proprietor, Trafalgar House, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, in 1896 when he wrote his last will.

He died at 73 Egerton Road, Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex.


Information from Peter Harrop.

His family is rather complicated. He was married twice and had a total of at least 14 children. It is rumoured that 2 sets of twins died in infancy as well.  (It is possible that the female twins who were born and died in 1886 in Altrincham were his daughters.)

He first married Hester Ann Ollier (Peter's great-great grandmother) on 26th June 1861 in Altrincham. This photo was taken at 10 Derbyshire Lane, Stretford in about 1884.  They had 8 children.
Edith May Balshaw (1862-1869);
Arthur Ollier Balshaw (born c 1864)  (On left in this photo);
Thomas Riddiough Balshaw, 1868-1911 , (on right in photo);
Rosa Balshaw (2nd in photo), birth registered 1st quarter 1866, in Barton;
Ellen Balshaw (Peter Harrop's great grandmother), (5th on photo), birth registered 4th quarter 1866 in Barton;
Lucy Ann Balshaw (3rd on photo), birth registered 3rd quarter 1870, Barton;
Florence Balshaw (4th on photo) birth registered 3rd quarter 1872 in Barton;
Walter Balshaw (died aged 0 in 1873).

He then married Mary Newton Kesterven in Edmonton in 1886 and they had 5 children. This photo was taken at Ventnor, Isle of Wight.
Doris K Balshaw, born 1887 in Barton on Irwell,  (right hand side in photo) who probably married Thomas Bell in Kingston, 16th November 1912;
(Winnyfrida Mary K or) Freda Balshaw, born 1889 in Stockport (left in photo);
Newton K Balshaw, born 1893 in Andover, (killed 13th April 1918 in Belgium, Captain, 16th Bn, Kings Royal Rifle Corps, from the web site for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, no children), (2nd in photo);
Humphrey Kesteven Balshaw, b 1896 Isle of Wight, (no children), (3rd in photo);
Kenneth Pass K Balshaw (died age 4 in  1894);
Gwynneth Kesteven Balshaw (died age nearly 1 in 1892).

So you can see that out of all these children the name Balshaw was no longer carried on in this line. There are no living descendants of Pass with the name Balshaw.

Additional hearsay from Peter Harrop

Apparently there was a bit of a family dispute involving Pass and his brother Henry. This is the story according to my mother. After the death of Pass's first wife, Hester, he remarried. While they were on their honeymoon, Pass's brother Henry looked after his business affairs and lost all his money. Pass's first wife left all her money (she was rich because she was a surgeon's daughter) to her daughters (one being my great grandmother) and their inheritance was given to Pass to help stave off bankruptcy. I don't know how much of this is true as stories tend to change after a few generations.


14th February 1910, age 75, at 73 Egerton Road, Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex.

Have copy of will.

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