John Balshaw, born 1799.


Born 1799, son of  John Balshaw and Ann of Ormskirk.

Baptised at Ormskirk parish church 17th March 1799.


Probably Ann Highton, at Ormskirk, 21st June 1822 (or 21st July according to IGI), in the presence of Thomas Balshaw  (brother?) and Mary Gregory, perhaps the half-sister of Lucy Riddiough (his sister in law) and daughter of Fanny Shearson.

Children: probably John, born 12th May 1823, baptised 8th July; Thomas born 12th August 1824, baptised 22nd September. Both at Ormskirk Parish Church. (Note that it is difficult to be sure which children were from this marriage as there were other couples called John and Ann living in Ormskirk at the time, eg. John Balshaw (born 1791) who may have married twice, both wives being called Ann).


Joiner, from church registers at the baptism of his children.


Probably before 1837 from the evidence in his father's will.

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