Clement Moscrop, 1709-1789.


July 1709 and baptised 18th September 1809 in St Bridget Beckermet, Cumberland,  son of Clement Moscrop and Abigail (nee Williams, c. 1660-1737).


6th July 1734 to Jane Sharp (1717-1805) at St Nicholas, Whitehaven, Cumberland.

12 Children:  John, 1735; William, 1737; Abigail, 1740; Elizabeth, 1741; Moses, 1744; Isaac, 1748; Mary, 1750; Clement (Rev), 1753; Henry, 1755; Joseph, 1758; Jane, 1761; Thomas, 1763.




29th December 1789 in Priorling, Beckermet.  Buried 1st January 1790 in St Bridget's, Beckermet, Cumberland.

From the Cumberland Paquet dated 28th January 1789 - A few days ago at Peer Ling in the parish of St Bridget's, Beckermet, Mr Clement Mossop in the 81st year of his age.  His remains were interred at St Bridget's, accompanied by a great number of his descendants, who amount in the whole, including his widow, children, grand-children and great grand-children, to ninety eight persons.


MI in St Bridget.  His brother William left him £220 in his will proven 1763.  

If you are interested in further Mossop family information I recommend that you contact the experts, Marshall and Jean Mossop or  Jill Coulthard. They have done a huge amount of research and have kindly supplied me with most of the information that I have about the Mossops before 1850.

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