Clement Moscrop, c.1650-1737.


c.1650 in High Prior Scales, Calder Bridge, Cumberland,  son of William Moscrop and Margaret.


Abigail Williams (died 1737 and buried at St Bridget's, Beckermet). (Possibly married in Ireland on 4th July 1682.)

10 Children:  William, 1687; Ann, c.1689; Mary, c.1691; John, c.1694; Moses, 1696; Son, c.1697; Sarah, c.1699; Hannah, 1703; Easter (Esther), 1706; Clement, 1709.


Not known.


At High Prior Scales, Calder Bridge.  Buried 16th September 1737 in St Bridget's, Beckermet, Cumberland.


Will proven 1737.  Sole executor Abigail Moscrop.  

If you are interested in further Mossop family information I recommend that you contact the experts, Marshall and Jean Mossop or  Jill Coulthard. They have done a huge amount of research and have kindly supplied me with most of the information that I have about the Mossops before 1850.

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