PLANETARY DIRECTORY 1999-2000. Compiled by David James.

Celtic Connections Publications.

This excellent small book compiled by the editor of Celtic Connections has 100 pages packed full of accounts of craftworkers, artists, photographers, writers, musical instrument makers, musicians etc., all working within the Celtic tradition. Profusely illustrated with B&W photographs it is an invaluable source book for discovering and connecting with dedicated creative Celtic studios worldwide.

Plenty of web site addresses too. The book includes high quality work from Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Cornwall. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Australia and more, with contact addresses. An excellent book for making new links worldwide. Although published in 1999 this book is a most useful guide to well-established craftworkers, and is fully relevant for the year 2000.


The ancient site originally discovered by David James, the editor of Celtic Connections and filmed this year in our back gardens and surrounding fields in West Dorset now has a definite date for national TV viewing. This is on the evening of 23rd of January on UK Channel 4 TV, and is programme number four in their latest Year-2000 series.

You can see the excavation of an Iron age round house, as well as a mediaeval farmhouse and the very exciting and important discovery of a massive hitherto unknown henge dating from c.2000BC. Also an authentic Iron age pottery kiln live in in action and much more.

You can read articles about the site TIME TEAM excavated in issues 28 and 29 of Celtic Connections magazine, but make a note in your diary to sit back and enjoy the whole event for one hour on Channel 4 TV during the evening of January 23rd.The company have rated this one of the best programmes they have ever done, so if you are a TIME TEAM enthusiast, don't miss it! This may be the closest you'll ever get to seeing a live excavation of a Late Iron age Celtic site.

For archaelogy enthusiasts worldwide TIME TEAM should be adding details and pictures of this event to their web site after the programme has been shown, so check out http://www.timesite.co.uk early in the new year. Their site is regularly updated. Issue 28 covers some of this event.

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