The front cover of this issue shows the legendary St John's Celtic cross on the sacred Island of Iona, off Scotland's West Coast. The original cross was carved in the 8th century. Further articles in this issue include an account of the Island of Lindisfarne, also known as Holy Island, off the coast of Northumbria, famous for the magnificent illuminated 7th century illuminated Gospels created by the early Celtic monks on the island. There is also an account of Ancient Sites on the Island of Jersey in The Channel Islands, a description of the 10th century Duleek High Cross in Co. Meath, Ireland, and much more.


Most back issues of the magazine are available, and the main features of

each issue are listed below.

Issue 1. Pentre Ifan cromlech, South Wales. St Non's chapel. The Harp.

Issue 2. Carnac, Brittany. The Lindisfarne Gospels. The Nevern cross.

Issue 3. Newgrange, Ireland. The Lichfield Gospels. Tintagel, Cornwall.

Issue 4. St Davids Cathedral. The Book of Durrow. The Kildalton cross.

Issue 5. Callanish stone circle. The bagpipes. Celtic Christianity.

Issue 6. Out of print (photocopies can be made by special request).

Issue 7. Out of print (as above).

Issue 8. Out of print (as above).

Issue 9. Manx carvings. Welsh lovespoons. The Rudston monolith.

Issue 10. Manx crosses. St Piran's cross, Cornwall. Pictish sculptures.

Issue 11. Hebridean jwellery. Poulnabrone dolmen, Ireland. St Martin.

Issue 12. White Island, Co. Fermanagh. The Celtic harp. The Burren, Ireland.

Issue 13. Ogham script. Irish Round Towers. The Scilly Isles.

Issue 14. Penmon, Isle of Anglesey. The Orkney Isles. Irish Sagas.

Issue 15. Caesar and the Celts. The Chalice well, Glastonbury. The Goddess.

Issue 16. Leatherwork. The ancient City of Bath. The Aois Dana.

Issue 17. Lindisfarne. Chambered cairns on Jersey. The Swiss Celtic revival.

Issue 18. An Orkney pilgrimage. Celtic women. Manx glass engraving.

Issue 19. Stonecarving. The yew tree. Celtic jewellery.

Issue 20. Silver jewellery. The Celts in The Auvergne. Orkneys folk festival.

Issue 21. St Seannach's Island, Co. Kerry, Ireland. Cernunnos. Holy wells.

Issue 22. Mistletoe. Artwork by Courtney Davis. Sites in Co.Donegal, Ireland.

Issue 23. The bodhran. The Cornish language. St Brendan.

Issue 24. The Welsh Gold Centre. Irish carvings. Celtica 98 Italian festival.

Issue 25. The Iona Community. Leatherwork,Australia. Whithorn and St Ninian.

Issue 26. Celtic bronze mirrors. Penwith, Cornwall. Music and the Otherworld.

Issue 27. Iron age pottery. Trees and the Celts. Celtic chieftains - Caradoc.

Issue 28. Features a continuation of the fascinating archaeological 'dig' by the well-known UK Channel 4 Television programme Time Team. Also Iron age round houses. The Celtic art of Simeon Walker. Prehistoric sites of Malta.

Issue 29. This issue has an article on the boundaries, history, and coinage of the Durotriges tribes. There is also an illustrated article on the discovery and subsequent research of an Iron age site in Dorset by the editor of Celtic Connections.

Issue 30 Issue 30 contains a strong Irish theme, and features a pilgrimage to the early Celtic Christian monastic site at Glendalough in County Wicklow. The cover picture above shows Glendalough's wonderfully well preserved Round Tower, which dates from the 9th/10th century.

Issue 31 We have made Issue 31 a CELEBRATION OF CELTIC ARTWORK for the first Summer Solstice of 2000. Incorporated in this issue are number of high quality artists whose work is a tribute to the quality of Celtic Art today. In this issue you can enjoy beautiful colour cover artwork by Jen Delyth, along with examples of work by Chris Down, Tamlyn Holmes, Shane Whitehead, Jan Derboven from Belgium, Jim Summers, and others.

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