AUTUMN 1999, ISSUE 28 features a continuation of the fascinating archaeological 'dig' by the well-known UK Channel 4 Television programme TIME TEAM. This 'dig' was filmed in April of 1999 mainly in the back garden of where Celtic Connections magazine is produced, and the programme itself can be seen on UK National TV in Jan/Feb of 2000 as a part of TIME TEAM'S new series. The amazing discovery of not only an Iron age Celtic round house in our back garden, but a 4000 year old wooden henge in a field nearby should whet your appetite!

Further articles in this latest issue include Prehistoric sites on the island of Malta, 1999 Festival news from Switzerland and Italy, The Celtic art of Australian-born Simeon Walker, Celtic leatherwork from the Scottish Highlands by Pegasus Celtic Leather, and more.


Read more about The Time Teams visit to Waddon

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