Vanessa Carlton

Be Not Nobody I was in the local library and saw they had a CD and video sale. No DVDs I'm sorry to say.

I looked through the CDs, and thought what a load of rubbish, typical waste of public funds. All that I could find of interest was Be Not Nobody by Vanessa Carlton. And I must admit, even then I was attracted by the CD cover, as I had never heard of her.

In for a penny, in for a pound. I parted with a pound and became the owner of Be Not Nobody by Vanessa Carlton.

I played it on my laptop in the background, whilst I was working. I cannot say it particularly grabbed me, but it was the sort of album that grows on you.

Later that night, feeling too tired to do anymore work, and even too tired to sit and relax with a book, I donned a pair of headphones, relaxed and listened to Be Not Nobody.

Something I have found, what I like depends on my mood, but it also varies with what I listen to it on. Some music actually sounds better listening on my laptop through its tiny (but surprisingly quite good) speakers with the sound stage laid in front of me, at other times through a pair of high quality headphones.

Vanessa Carlton (vocals/piano/songwriter) is part of a growing trend of fairly talented singer/songwriters who also are good performers and musicians in their own right Norah Jones, Katie Melua, Lorenza Ponce, Vanessa Mae.

Be Not Nobody is very much good solid rock, and yet at times at the crossover between rock and classical.

At times I was reminded of Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane, although Vanessa Carlton is never quite in the league of 'White Rabbit'. Other times I was reminded of the lead vocalist of the Corrs. And then Rickie Lee Jones and Edie Brickell.

After listening to Be Not Nobody at very loud volume through high performance headphones, I had to admit, this was an excellent album, a classic rock album.

Her performance of the Rolling Stones classic 'Paint it Black' is nothing short of brilliant. Marianne Faithful could not have done better.

All tracks, apart from Jagger/Richards 'Paint it Black', are by Vanessa Carlton.

Be Not Nobody, was Vanessa Carlton's debut album. It reached No 5 in the US album charts in May 2002, a single from the album, 'A thousand miles', reached No 5 in the US singles charts.

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