Keith Parkins

Keith Parkins is the author or co-author of a number of articles and papers in the areas of social justice, housing, the environment and globalisation. He has spoken on numerous platforms on the same subject, has helped coordinate or acted as adviser on several campaigns, has worked as freelance journalist, a regular contributer to Indymedia UK and occasional contributer to radical and alternative magazines. He has a background in hardware and software design, computer security and encryption. An advocate of strong encryption, not the weak encryption that is the commercial norm on the Internet.

Long-term supporter of fair trade, sustainable agriculture, farmers markets, local producers. Has helped bring producers, suppliers and small retailers together. Vigorous opponent of the destruction of town centres by large retailers who create 'clone towns', where every town centre looks the same.

Wide variety of interests, music, literature. A keen supporter of BookCrossing. Loves the Bohemian atmosphere of Brighton.

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