Lorenza Ponce

Lorenza Ponce Lorenza Ponce

Classically trained violinist Lorenza Ponce has toured with Sheryl Crow, John Tesh and Japanese superstar Kitar, has recorded in the studio with Jon Anderson of Yes (who has also co-recorded with Vangelis). It was while on Sheryl Crow's 1999 Globe Sessions tour she found time to co-write, arrange and record her second album, simply entitled Lorenza Ponce (later re-released as Mystic Fiddler with four additional new tracks).

Her debut album, Imago (1997, re-issued 2002) deserves wider recognition

Her third album, Song of Songs, is a duet between Lorenza Ponce (violin) and Ben Zebelman (piano) inspired by and based on a loose interpretation of the biblical poem, Song of Songs.

Lorenza Ponce is one of those artists it is impossible to categorise. New Age, progressive rock, a hint of classical phrasing? At times her haunting melodies are reminiscent of Fionnuala Sherry performing the compositions of Rolf Lovland in Secret Garden.


Lorenza Ponce is a resident of New York City. Ponce is pronounced 'PON say'

For Estie who introduced me to good music, now it is for me to return the favour. And thanks to Roman for the introduction to Lorenza Ponce.
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