Detelina Petkova

Coelho scrive i suoi libri: "Inizio da un tratto, questo tratto diventa una isola per me , così mi aggrappo di essa mentre trovo qualcosa interessante e inizio esplorarlo finché non vedo ciò che Dio vuol far mi vedere!" -- Detelina Petkova

I paint my angels as Paulo Coelho writes his books: "Start from a stroke, this stroke becomes an island for me, so it clings to me while I find something interesting and start explore it until I see what God wants me to see!" -- Detelina Petkova

I am always in search of spirituality. For me art is a way of expressing my love for God and the world he has created. Great source of inspiration for me, are the books by Paulo Coelho and Carlos Castaneda, where I can find strong spiritual energies. -- Detelina Petkova

Detelina Petkova Detelina Petkova (1977- ) is a very talented Bulgarian artist, and like Russian artist Dasha Balashova, one of those rare individuals, a woman of the Renaissance.

I first came across Detelina Petkova when Paulo Coelho placed her Warrior of Light on his blog.

On her website can be found quotes from Manual of the Warrior of Light by Paulo Coelho and also quotes from Carlos Castaneda. She is heavily influenced by both writers. Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho was influenced by Carlos Castaneda.

In England, artistic talent is noticeable by its absence - unmade beds, beach huts, animal carcasses suspended in formaldehyde - the Emperor has no clothes, but no one dares say it is garbage. Worse still, fools are easily parted from their money for this garbage.

Detelina was born in Bulgaria in 1977, is a graduate of the College of Plastic Arts "Nikolai Rainov" in Sofia. She attended the University of Blagoevgrad, studying art education. She currently lives in Italy.

Hildegard von Bingen made use of music, she said she was but 'a feather on the breath of God'. Detelina Petkova makes use of colour to express her feelings, to communicate with the Soul of the World. Her images say more than she can say in words.

The purpose greater than me, in painting, you find all the time Love Divine, that in my work is often represented by the color gold. So starting from black, the color of darkness, my works are all a journey to find it again and again the light and love, essential for me, for my life and art!

This can be seen in her Warrior of Light. Although there is no colour, the way she makes use of light and dark. The Warrior of Light is surrounded by darkness and yet at the same time bathed in light.

Savita Vega:

So beautiful! So delicate! But the most amazing thing is the use of light and shadow - the fact that the figure has no hue, there is no color anywhere in the painting, but that the form of this figure is rendered simply by the use of light and shadow. This, I think, is what makes this painting excel: The subject is light - the Warrior of Light - and everything about this painting mirrors and therefore enhances the concept conveyed by this subject.

There is also this amazing sense of motion. Although the subject is stationary, it is not static. On the contrary, it is highly dynamic, charged with an energy that radiates out and touches the observer. When I look as this figure, I almost expect it to leap forth and fly off of the page.

This Warrior of Light is faceless. I like this. This Warrior, in potential, is each and every one of us!

On her website, the paintings fall into two distinct styles: what could be termed Russian religious icons and a style that is very typical of the album covers of the rock group Yes in the 1970s.

She is also a talented graphic designer and web designer.

Her favourite writers include Paulo Coelho and Carlos Castaneda. One of her favourite pieces of poetry is the 'Hymn to Isis', found in the Nag Hammadi find and believed to date from the 3rd or 4th century BC. Paulo Coelho opens Eleven Minutes with the 'Hymn to Isis'.

Her work is comparable with her Russian contemporary Dasha Balashova.

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