Dasha Balashova

Each Day of life is an empty white canvas ... -- Dasha Balashova

There Are Things Known And There Are Things Unknown. In Between There Are Doors. -- William Blake

I am convinced that life is a language of symbols, and I also wish for my works to "reveal" their story with the language of signs, metaphors, images and symbols. For many of my works I am inspired by moments, ideas or sensations which show the union of surrounding reality with the mystery of unknown and invisible, with the flight of human heart, imagination and emotional perception. -- Dasha Balashova

I consider Dasha Balashova to be one of the most talented and sensitive artists of the young Russian generation. -- Paulo Coelho

self portrait Dasha Balashova Dasha Balashova (1983- ) is a very talented Russian artist, one of those rare individuals, a woman of the Renaissance.

A true Renaissance woman who is at home in all art forms. Although she does not write, her likes and tastes, show her to be a woman of fine literary taste. Her favourite writers include Paulo Coelho, William Blake, Jorge Luis Borges, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Carlos Castaneda, Andrei Platonov.

In England, art has disappeared up its own orifice. We see dead animals suspended in formaldehyde, an unmade bed, a beach hut and we are told it is art. There are even fools who will part with good money for this dross. This is not art, those who force us to believe otherwise are engaging in Orwellian news speak. It is not art, it is garbage, but no one has yet dared say the Emperor has no clothes.

The work of Dasha Balashova shows fine art still exists, but we have to travel to Moscow to find it.

Dasha Balashova demonstrated an early talent, she was exhibiting when she was barely ten. Her talent was recognised and her education was in art colleges.

She has exhibited in Russia and the USA.

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