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Canadian Contribution

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Sgt Frank L Frank, Pilot, R.C.A.F.
(Picture in Canada during Frank's training)

Sgt.Frank L. Frank, Pilot, R.C.A.F, contributed by Debbie Seidler, on behalf of her Mom.

© Debbie Seidler, Canada

Flt. Sgt. F. L. Frank (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) (Pilot)
No.19 OTU, RAF Forres. 

Graves of Sgt G H Barr, Sgt R M Dickie, F/Sgt F L Frank, F/Officer J W Tucker. Copyright M Perratt.Fellow airmen that fell this day,

F/O J W Tucker (Cobalt, Ontario)
(Air Bomber)
Sgt. G. H. Barr (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)  (Air Gunner),
Sgt. R. M. Dickie (Welland, Ontario, Canada) (Air Gunner),
Sgt. F. C. Moran (interred Northwood, UK)
Sgt. E. F. Cooper (interred Sheffield, UK)

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