19 OTU RAF Title.

Four Canadian Airmen of Whitley AD712, No 19 OTU, RAF.

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Graves of Sgt G H Barr, Sgt R M Dickie, F/Sgt F L Frank, F/Officer J W Tucker.

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No 19 OTU Airmen who fell 30 Aug 1944,
Flt Sgt F L Frank (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) (Pilot)
F/O J W Tucker (Cobalt, Ontario) (Air Bomber)
Sgt G H Barr (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)  (Air Gunner),
Sgt R M Dickie (Welland, Ontario, Canada) (Air Gunner),
Sgt F C Moran (interred Northwood, UK)
Sgt E F Cooper (interred Sheffield, UK)

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