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19 OTU RAF Forres & RAF Kinloss based crews.
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Magister T9814
16 September 1940
Whitley, P5006
24th September 1940
Sqn Ldr C W M Thompson Memorial Cairn, crew of P5006, lost 24 Sept, 1940.Flt Sgt C H Ashley
Sgt D S Proudfoot
Sgt N R Foley
Sgt E S Millard
Sgt P H Lucas DFM
Sgt  I D S E Hay
Whitley K9031
3rd October 1940
Whitley, N1440
7th November 1940

Sgt J A Smith*
Sgt E F Cryer
Sgt E A Dancer
* Perpetuated on the Runnymede Memorial

Commemorative Plaque in Forres to crew of N1440. Fg Off J F Painter DFC P
Sgt H D Gaywood N
Sgt S P Gallagher
Sgt F W Lewis
Sgt R E Rolison
Sgt F S Legge
Whitley N1373
18th February 1941
Avro Anson GR1 N9857
13th April 1941
P/O J G MacCoubrey DFM
Sgt O Cousins
Sgt S G Mowforth
Sgt W Smith
Sgt J Hayes
Sgt R W Gates


Cairn in memory of crew lost on N9857.Fg Off J H Steyn DFC
P/O W E Drew
Sgt C M Mitchell
F Sgt T B Kelly
Sgt J Emery
Sgt J A Tompsett
Whitley N1379
26th June 1941
Whitley P5076
7th July 1941
Sgt H A Colbourne
P/O K D Brant
P/O R Rimmer
Sgt D I McKeil RCAF
Sgt A W Morrow RCAF
F Sgt L B Tunstall
P/O H J Cooper RCAF
Sgt G A Compton
Sgt J H McInnes W.Op./Air Gnr
Sgt J C Steeves RCAF W.Op./Air Gnr.
Whitley N1426
30th July 1941
Whitley N1415
10th September 1941
P/O J H Eastwood
Sgt W E Snell RCAF
Sgt L W Harris
Sgt A A Rodgers RCAF
Sgt J A Eakin

Whitley T4333
12th September 1941

Whitley T4144
9th October 1941
Sgt AG Batchen RCAF *
Sgt J L Collins RCAF*
F/Sgt R F Stephens RCAF*
F/Sgt R L R Younger RCAF*
Sgt M S Dawe*
* Perpetuated on the Runnymede Memorial
Sgt W Fleming
Sgt L G Masters
Sgt H Hancock
Sgt A MacKenzie
Whitley Z6750
9th October 1941
12th October 1941
Sgt E H Brace *
Sgt P Kelly RCAF *
Sgt L H Oldman *
Sgt G W Gray *
* Perpetuated on the Runnymede Memorial
Cpl N G Darrah (U/T Air Gunner)

Whitley P5103
21st October 1941

16 Nov 1941
P/O L T Younie RNZAF
Sgt H G Houghton RNZAF
Sgt R T Oliver RCAF
Sgt J Reid  W.Op./Air Gnr
Sgt A Davis
LAC W L Atter


Is not Anson W2627. Both Killed during bombing up of Whitley 5075. (19OTU ORB) 
Whitley N1430
21st November 1941
Whitley Z9279
26th November 1941
Sgt R H Beardall RCAF
Sgt V E Overall  Obs.
Sgt H W Blackwell RCAF
Whitley N1498
6th January 1942
Whitley K9017
9th January 1942
P/O J C Castling RNZAF
P/O J G Irvine RNZAF
Sgt C S George W.Op./Air Gnr.
Sgt C W Green W.Op./Air Gnr
F Sgt L Clarke Pilot
Sgt J M Wilson RCAF
Sgt W J Robertshaw RCAF
Sgt R Potten
Sgt R L J Edmonds W.Op./Air Gnr

Whitley P5101
22nd February 1942

Whitley Z6628
11th March 1942
P/O W D Sugrue
LAC  J H Potts
Sgt R T Scott RCAF
Sgt N F T Brown Obs.
Lysander R9120
16th March 1942
Whitley P4998
20th March 1942
Sgt T E Coogan DFM
Sgt B Phillips RAAF
Sgt W Wilson
Sgt R J Scarff
Sgt E W Jordan
Sgt V Baxter
Sgt R Leyland
Sgt R H Marsh
Whitley N1437
24th March 1942
Whitley Z6933
24th March 1942
Sgt C C Scott RAAF
F/O R E Wheatley DFM
Sgt D F Drake RCAF
Sgt G K MacRae RCAF
P/O R R Flint
Sgt F Jennings
Sgt A Blackman
Sgt J Sutcliffe
Whitley P5043
18th May 1942
Whitley P5092 
26th May 1942
P/O B C Cosham
Sgt A Baylis
P/O G K Chadwick
Sgt E G Kinsey
Sgt J Green
Sgt P Crane
F Sgt C D A Whitehead
Whitley P5005
14-15 June 1942
Whitley AD707
7-8 July 1942
F Sgt E J Nelms RCAF
Sgt E L Williams

W/O E O Johnson RNZAF
P/O J Lorkin
Sgt J J S Corderoy
Sgt J S Wardle
* Perpetuated on the Runnymede Memorial, 
body of one member of crew recovered.
12 July 1942

Whitley BD349
26th July1942

F/L E J A Roberts P/O R T Meek *
Sgt C E Hayes *
Sgt J E Millar *
Sgt G G Scott (Canadian RAFVR)*
Sgt T B McGee RCAF
* Perpetuated on the Runnymede Memorial
Whitley N1486
14 Aug 1942
Avro Anson, DJ106 
21st Aug 1942
F/O G H Sawley RAAF *
P/O T W Osborn *
Sgt U J Banham *
Sgt J S Graham *

Sgt D M McCutcheon *
* Perpetuated on the Runnymede Memorial
Memorial to the crew of DJ106, Avro Anson, 21st Aug 1942.Sgt J LLewelyn (P)
F Sgt G Fillingham (Obs)
Plt Off Gilmour (N)
Sgt K E Carruthers (W/Op)
Sgt J B Robertson (W/Op)
Whitley Z6760 
3 Sept 1942
Whitley BD267
14 Sept 1942
F Sgt R J Pollock RCAF
P/O L I Alter
Sgt A F Rooke
Sgt T V Robinson
Sgt J D Frost
Sgt R A Lockhart RCAF *
Sgt R E McRitchie RCAF *
P/O A G Grant *
Sgt J E Holmes
Sgt R Clarke RCAF
* Perpetuated on the Runnymede Memorial
Whitley N1393
22Sept 1942
Whitley BD213
5-6 Oct 1942
F/O J S M Helme
Sgt L Bacon
Sgt M W Mazier RCAF
Sgt G W Catling
F Sgt J Simpson DFM
Sgt W Brown
Sgt C J Usher
Sgt J A Williamson
F Sgt M Charton RCAF
P/O J M Sinclair
Sgt G C Roper
Sgt E S W Hatch
Whitley BD212
16 Oct 1942
Whitley AD710
29 Oct 1942
F Sgt M H Hargreaves RCAF *
Sgt J R MacKinnon RCAF *
P/O J L G Campbell *
Sgt D A A Saunders *
Sgt T G Sinnett *
* Perpetuated on the Runnymede Memorial
F Sgt J E Williams DFM
F/O W I Charteris RNZAF
Sgt G W Day
Sgt E O Oddy
Sgt J H Barnett
Whitley P5105
16 Nov 1942
Whitley EB387
4 Dec 1942
Sgt R Stone
Sgt R L Pett

Sgt J D Bradley
Sgt F J Fowler
Sgt H Bell
Sgt T Collingwood
Sgt B D Gregory RCAF
Whitley N1371
31 Dec 1942
W/O C M Browning *
Sgt M J F Teasdale
Sgt W S Peacock
* Perpetuated on the Runnymede Memorial
Whitley LA837
31 Jan 1943
Whitley Z9156
31 Jan 1943

Sgt P W Barrett
F/O S J Stenning
Sgt J R C Rugeroni-Hope
Sgt J Douglas

Sgt S Bellis

Whitley LA830
2 Apr 1943
Whitley LA841
27-28 Apr 
Sgt H L Shead Sgt E Mitchell
F Sgt E S Blake RCAF
Sgt J S Grocock
Sgt D B Griffiths RAAF
Sgt D McLachlan
Sgt A G Debenham
Whitley BD295
16-17 May 1943
19 May 1943
Sgt K J Sampson
F/O A C Barrie
Sgt R Hartley
F Sgt A T Hawkins

F/O G J Butler RCAF
W/O A R Cunnold-Cook RNZAF

Whitley LA877 D Flt -W
3 Jul 1943
Anson I W9671 XF-P
14 Aug 1943
Sgt D C Hunt
Sgt E A Deacon
F Sgt D J Gillies RCAF
Sgt R N Cowie
Sgt K P Gemmel RCAF
W/O A K Fairlam RAAF
F/O H H Kirby DFC
Sgt E S A Grey
Sgt F J Pellatt                                          
Sgt R Brown
Sgt K Ashmore
Whitley LA853 - D
27 Sept 1943
Whitley LA792 UO-C
6 Oct 1943
Sgt D T W Cammies
Sgt E R Rogers
Sgt C A Hughes
Sgt J W Wallace RCAF
Sgt W S Robinson
Sgt R C Fowler
Sgt H Dickson
F/O C S Dallimore
Sgt J E M Gess
Sgt J G Kelly
Sgt D Cawthorne
Sgt W R Coster
Sgt C J Haycock
Whitley BD386 ZV-S
24 Oct 1943
Whitley BD627 ZV-E
31 Oct -1 Sept 1943
P/O C F Knapp
Sgt S W PArr
Sgt A Robertson
Sgt G H M Garner
Sgt J W Mann
F/O R V Lynch RCAF
Sgt R F Kincaid
Whitley LA 836
6-7 Feb 1944
Whitley Z6880 - M
8 Feb 1944
Sgt D A Brooks
Sgt J A Brown
F Sgt E J Lever RAAF
Sgt J E Harling
Sgt R C Woods RCAF
Sgt A R Saunders
Sgt C A Irvine

Whitley BD385
4 May 1944

Whitley EB384
26th May 1944

F/O A H Eastment
F/O T D Reilly AFM
F/O A Duncan-Smith
P/O C J B Phillips
Sgt J T Cook
Sgt R J Clayton
F/O R F Edwards
P/O Dobesch
Sgt Kester
Sgt Gurdon
Sgt Gray
Sgt Donelly.
Whitley Z6739
28 Aug 1944

Whitley, AD712
30th August 1944

F Sgt P G Caddy RAAF
F Sgt R Yabsley RAAF
Sgt J Crawford
Sgt J A B Finch
Sgt R E Tibbles
Sgt H F Truffet
Flt. Sgt. F. L. Frank RCAF
F/O J W Tucker RCAF
Sgt. G. H. Barr
Sgt. R. M. Dickie

Sgt. F. C. Moran
Sgt. E. F. Cooper

Whitley P5102
2nd Oct 1944

Wellington NC721
11 Oct 1944
F Sgt R W G Henry RCAF
Sgt J W Fraser RCAF
Sgt T Huddleston
Sgt T S Buchkowsk RCAF

F/O G W Lucas DFC
F Sgt L Brewer
F Sgt Lillywhite
Sgt D R Sharman
Sgt F A White

Whitley AD685 XF-J **
17 Oct 1944
Wellington NC554
28 Oct 1944
Sgt L J Olmstead RCAF
Sgt E W Leivers
P/O J F Dowding RCAF
P/O A L Sunstrum RCAF
F/L I Macleod
Sgt G Charles
(**Bill Chorley indicates this is the last AW Whitley loss in Bomber Command)
Wellington NC716 - O (or a D)
2-3 Jan 1945
Wellington LP786 UO-G
31 Jan 1945
F Sgt R C Fayers
Sgt A H Brown
Sgt J Busk
W/O J H Diffley
Sgt J Wheldon
Sgt J E Muldowney DFM
F Sgt D O'Connor RCAF
F/O D A Spice RCAF
F/O D L Dewart RCAF

Wellington LP760 - H *
20 Apr 1945

F/O A G Mathews
F/O E Rawlinson
F/O R E Williams RCAF
Sgt V P Dias
Sgt J D Pulham
Sgt W Gourlay
(*Bill Chorley indicates this is the last loss by 19 OTU after 5 years of training crews for Bomber Command..
Kinloss Abbey
This page is by no means complete. These are members of the unit whose names I have. If you have more information and would like to contribute please drop me a line. but_webmaster2.gif (2435 bytes)
When the memorial was built it was and still is my intention to have a book bearing the names of all those lost in the service of the OTU placed in one of the local churches.  I am a little closer to realising this task. 

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