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Here are a selection of activities for Key Stage 3 and 4 Science.
Please feel free to use them, and let me know how you get on
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I'd best put in this disclaimer: these resources have been written in good faith, and are provided for free.
Although I can't see any way in which they could mess up your machine, your exams, your lessons or your life, I can't accept any responsibility if they do so.

Download GCSE general topic-subtopic list for most subjects, to get your revision started:
Word version (93kb)            pdf version (165kb)

Diffusion Cloud Chamber

A zipped mpeg file of a school cloud chamber in action, with alpha particle tracks clearly visible. Can't get hold of dry ice? Never mind, you can show this video instead.
Running time approx 1 minute, VHS quality.

The visibility of the particle tracks depends on viewing conditions, thus you may need to adjust your screen contrast or brightness.
Unzips to approx 18Mb.

Download (7.8Mb) or watch it on youtube here.


Infra Red Remote Control

We all know that TV remote controls give off infra-red radiation that we can't see, but not everyone realises that digital cameras and camcorders can see infra red.

In fact, their CCD chips pick up infra red all too well, and manufacturers need to correct for this (unless you want your home movies to look like extracts from "Predator". On the other hand, have you met my family...)
Anyway, if you point a remote control at a digital camera or camcorder, you can clearly see the LED flashing when you press a button.

This file is a zipped mpeg of this in action, handy when talking about conduction / convection / radiation, or about the electromagnetic spectrum.

Tip - if you're teaching this, I bet that several of the pupils in front of you have camera phones on them. Borrow one, and you'll find that the camera on the phone can see infra-red from remote controls too.

Download (1.52Mb) or watch it on youtube here.



These are in Word or pdf format, and placed here on this web site so that people can freely download, adapt and use them. Please remember that this isn't the same as nicking them and claiming them as your own!

Don't have Word? Download a free Word Viewer from or better still, download OpenOffice and be able to open and edit the files.

Periodicity cards doc   pdf  A card sorting exercise to help understand why the Periodic Table is that shape. Instructions included.
 dtgraphs.doc  Key Stage 4 Physics: distance-time graphs exercise.
 endarts.doc  Key Stage 3: Energy D.A.R.T.s sheet.
Evolution Darts Sheet.doc  Key Stage 3. Does what the filename says!
 Getting to grips with radioactivity{1 & 2}.doc  Key Stage 4 Physics: 2 worksheets with comprehension exercises.  useful for cover work as they're fairly self-contained.
Nuclear Power Summary
Word version    PDF version
GCSE worksheet to cover the basic knowledge needed. Based on the web page
Java Lava Power
Word version    PDF version
GCSE comprehension worksheet about geothermal power, to accompany the web page
 moments.doc  Key Stage 4 Physics: moments calculations.
 observation test.pdf  Any age: an evil way to wind up a class!
 y9-reprod-darts.doc  Key Stage 3: D.A.R.T.s sheet on human reproduction.
 Your Digestive System.doc  Worksheet about.... aww, work it out from the filename.
More about the EM spectrum a comprehension sheet for KS4
A Light Starter a KS3 / KS4 lesson starter about reflection
Skills: plotting line graphs When you discover that half of your class can plot graphs and the other half has no idea, this self-contained exercise may be just what you need :-)
SETI.doc Search fo Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence: a worksheet for the relevant part of the AQA KS4 syllabus
SETIsen.doc An SEN version
SETIsenANS.doc Answers for the SETI sen sheet.
Choosing Fuses.doc a worksheet for the KS4 fuse calculations
Choosing Fuses ANSWERS.doc Answers for the above sheet
Circuit Symbols.doc to recap at KS3 or introduce at KS4
Current in series and parallel circuits a worksheet to accompany the KS3/4 practical
Voltage in series and parallel circuits.doc a worksheet to accompany the KS3/4 practical
Electrical safety.doc
Electrical safety answers.doc
I usually use this to accompany a demonstration lesson which follows the sequence on the sheet. Answer sheet supplied
Alternative version for the electrical safety demonstration lesson, with answer sheet and a Powerpoint file to use as a plenary for checking students' answers
Electrostatics - photocopiers.doc comprehension sheet for KS4, how photocopiers work
keeping buildings warm.doc worksheet to use as a plenary in lessons about house insulation
Powerpoint and worksheet for KS4



These are in Excel format, and placed here on this web site so that people can freely download, adapt and use them. Please remember that this isn't the same as nicking them and claiming them as your own!

Don't have Excel? Download a free Excel Viewer from or better still, download OpenOffice and be able to open and edit the files.

 howtall.xls  Used in KS3 Human Reproduction. This will calculate your predicted adult height from your present age, present height & gender. Popular with year 7.
 particle.xls  Jumbled-up table to sort out, for introductory particle theory.
 physprop.xls  As above, about physical properties e.g brittle, ductile, etc.
 solsys.xls  Another jumbled table, this one's about the Solar System.
 sortemag.xls  Yet another jumbled table, about the Electromagnetic Spectrum.
 elecbill.xls  Key Stage 4 Physicsinteractive electricity bill. Adjust meter readings, price per unit & VAT and see the effect on the total.
 elecbill.doc  Worksheet to accompany elecbill.xls. Word format.
 eleccost.xls  Key Stage 4 Physics: cost of running various electrical appliances. Can be printed, or used on a PC.
 eleccosa.xls  Numerical answer sheet for eleccost.xls


Some science flash simulations
A zip with many swf's and other files from Pete Harvey, a retired teacher who's happy to share these with you. Download here.
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