How is the information on this site organised?

Please note that there is very little information about living people on this site for security reasons.

Collected information about individual people

If I have collected more than a small amount of information about a person it is all summarised on a page dedicated to that person.  On  each of these pages you will find links to their parents, spouse(s) and children if (and only if) I know enough about these other members of the family to have created a page for them. You can find an index of these pages in the left frame by following the link "Find a person on this site".  

In the case of many other people I know very little about their lives.  Perhaps I know their date of birth and their parents' names.  In these cases the information is summarised on a page relating to another person (such as one of their parents).  It is clearly more difficult to find this information - sorry!  Google might help more than any index that I can create.

Information referring to many people

e.g. transcripts of church registers.

I have various collections of information relating to church registers, census returns, civil registration and wills.  Follow the link Registers and wills to get to this.

Fellow Balshaw researchers

Contact details for the other people researching Balshaw ancestors can be found by following the link Fellow researchers.  You will also find a summary of the people in the lines that they are researching and if you find any connections I am sure that they would like to hear from you.

And click here for all sorts of odd notes collected from here and there.