Assorted information about Balshaw birth's marriages, deaths, wills, and census returns

List of wills that I have collected.

Balshaws in the North Meols/Formby area supplied by Andrew Blundell.

Civil registration in England and Wales

I may have additional information by the time you read this, so please feel free to contact me, Nick Balshaw  for a free search of the latest information available.  Alternatively you may like me to do an "advanced" search in the origninal spreadsheet that was the source of this data - also FOC.  I do not guarantee the accuracy of these lists.  Always check the indexes for yourself before ordering a certificate.

Index of Balshaw births, registered 1837-1940, listed in alphabetical order.

Index of Balshaw marriages registered 1837-1935, listed in alphabetical order.

Index of Balshaw deaths, registered 1837-1965, listed in alphabetical order.

Most popular Balshaw christian names.

Church Registers - mainly Ormskirk and Altrincham

Index of Balshaw christenings, registered before 1837.

Index of Balshaw marriages, registered before 1837.

Index of Balshaw burials, registered before 1837.

Census information

1881 census data, including a complete list of Balshaws in England and Wales from the 1881 census.

Other census information that seems relevant as an Acrobat 3.0 file.