Monumental inscriptions for SS Peter and Paul, Ormskirk

Initially I understood that there was only one monument with an inscription mentioning one of the Balshaws during the period 1771 to 1961.

In memory of Eliza Cropper who died November 28th 1875 aged 40 years.  Also of Teresa, wife of William Balshaw who died April 6th 1876, aged 69 years.  Also of William Balshaw died February 22nd 1888 aged 84 years.  Also of Thomas son of the above who died July 23rd 1900 aged 60 years.  (Ref  X17)

Note:  Teresa not found in St Catherine's House indexes.  The nearest was 2 years old when she died in Ormskirk in the March quarter of 1870.

However, a number of other entries have now come to light.

133 To the memory of George Leech who died May 19th 1813 aged 66 years
Alice Silcock died February 1818 aged 77 years.
Mary Leech died 1st May 1825 aged 75 years.
Elizabeth Leech her daughter died 17th April 1827 aged 53 years.
George Leech died 28th April 1839 aged 54.
Ann Hogg died 14th
September 1840 aged 37.
Mary Balshaw died 13th January 1852 aged (missing).

51  Under this lie ye remains of John ye son of Ralph Balshaw who died January (?) 1733 aged . . . years.
Chas. so of Chas. & Jane Balshaw died infant 16th Novr 1788
Betty their daughter died 25th May 1805 aged 8 years.
Ann wife of John Balshaw died 5th July 1820 aged 24 years.
Charles Balshaw died 3rd July 1830 aged 59
Jane his widow dies 22nd Decr. 1831 aged 62.

70  Esther (wife of) John Atherton died 7 April 1772
Anthony Messmer 1805
M & T Balshaw.

341  Ralph and Frances Balshaw
Ralph died 18th June 1839 aged 37
Frances died 21st Augt. 1839 aged 37

342  John and Ann Balshaw (on the grass)  [which literally means that it is surrounded by grass, off the edge of the paved area as you can see at the bottom of this photo.]

See page of Balshaw gravestones    

343 John and Ann Balshaw
Ann wife of John Balshaw died the 29th January 1830, aged 63 years.
John Balshaw died 18th January 1849 aged 71 years [although actually 73 or 75?].
Also Jane Balshaw, Grand-daughter of the above who died 21st June 1849 aged 25 years.

216  BWE
Thomas Balshaw departed this life 21st Sept. 1792 aged 21 years.
[Note from the registers, this Thomas was the son of William Balshaw.  Does BWE stand for Balshaw, William, Elizabeth (as married 1781) or similar?]