Walter Mellors, 1885-1945.


About 1885. Details not yet known. The most likely entry in civil registration records is in the Sept quarter of 1885, Lincoln, 7a 5(99)? There is also an entry for Mansfield in the March quarter of 1885, 7b 94.


Hannah E Poyser (possibly Sept qtr 1906, Bradfield, 2c 793 or Dec qtr. 1904 Mansfield, 7b 173, but not June qtr 1903 7b 352 which I previously attempted to order).

Children: Harry Walter Mellors, born 17/3/1907, and probably Rene (who was about 2 or 3 years younger, but she died age 9 or 10).


Foundry Manager at Barton's Foundry (an off-shoot of Barton's Bus Company), in Bass Street, Nottingham. (Some of the time he worked at the Railway and General, at Meadow Lane, Nottingham, which may have been part of the same company.)

His brothers were also foundry managers at Morris Motors, Cowley, Oxford and Rustons, Lincoln, but their names are not known.

He designed the famous cat ash-tray (which carries the number 27 because he lived at 27 Sabina St.).


1945 in Nottingham, (Sept qtr), aged 60.


Lived in Rowe Street, Nottingham, then at 27 Sabina St, Nottingham.

He was always "as thin as a rake" and his face was very drawn.  People who knew him considered him to be "a real gent" or "a lovely man".

At one stage he went to the Liberal Club (the Gladstone Club) with the brother of his daughter-in-law, Charlie Crawley.

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